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Where a HubSpot User Can Benefit From Moz

As a HubSpot Gold Partner and Inbound Marketing Agency, it probably goes without saying that we use HubSpot’s software with each of our marketing clients. We use it for emails, blogs, landing pages, CTAs, you name it. Even though we love HubSpot, we are continually looking to provide additional reporting and SEO suggestions for our current (and future) clients - and Moz is a key tool we thought we should tell you about. 

About 8 months ago I started to explore what Moz (formerly SEOmoz) had to offer. My experience since then has lead me to believe it is the most natural extension of HubSpot tools (and at a significantly smaller investment of $99 per month).

So for all of you HubSpot users, here are some benefits of using Moz, too: 


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Launching Your Site On HubSpot's COS the Right Way [Inbound Website Tips]

HubSpot COS Migration checklistSo you’re ready to launch your website on HubSpot’s great new COS. Fantastic!

We have a little practice with these things, to say the least - both on HubSpot’s CMS and COS, so we figured we'd share some tips and best practices with you...

Q/A and Testing

Before launching any project, you should do extensive quality assurance testing. Our internal team of developers, designers and project managers walk through the site with a fine tooth comb.

We test:
  • Browser compliance - We run each unique template through a screenshot test, making sure that each modern browser renders the site correctly.
  • Live testing - Screenshots aren’t enough. We live test each site in the two most recent versions of each major browser.
  • Functionality testing - If your site has any moving parts (figurative or literal) we thoroughly test them on multiple computers to ensure that everything works correctly and that the expected outcome(s) always occurs.
  • Content review - This is mostly for the client to review, but we also go over the site content as well. We check to make sure that things such as meta tags, page content, links, proper email notifications on forms, lead nurturing workflows, favicons, author bios, and more are all in place.

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3 Key Ways To Make Sure Your Investment in HubSpot Pays Off

Make Your HubSpot Cost WorthwhileOver the past few years, I’ve seen some great results from inbound marketing across many companies and industries. I’ve witnessed inbound marketing increase traffic, leads, customers, and customer retention rates. And I have HubSpot to thank for a large part of that.

However, it’s no secret that HubSpot costs money. For some companies, that cost is a large investment. When you’re spending money on HubSpot, how do you make sure your investment is worthwhile?

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You've Got HubSpot... Now What?

implementing inbound marketingEarlier this year I went on vacation to Cape Verde, Africa. And while I was there visiting, my friends and I hiked an active volcano on the island of Fogo. I still remember how impossible the volcano looked to hike at the start. Our guide kept insisting that it was just a little bit further until the top. And although I did do quite a bit of cursing on our ascent, he was right. It was that mentality of it just being a little bit further that kept me going until I finally reached the top.


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All The Big Announcements - HubSpot Continues To Amaze At Inbound 2013

hubspot COS trialThe Inbound 2013 conference is in full swing and the crowds a buzz over HubSpot’s unveiling of their new Content Optimization System (COS) as well as a new tool for sales named Signals. Both of these offerings signify new strides in furthering the effectiveness and efficiencies of inbound marketing and a detailed overview these platforms demonstrates exactly how this is true.


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Using HubSpot With Your Existing WordPress Website

Did you know WordPress has a HubSpot plugin? WordPress - the open source content management system platform used by millions of individuals and businesses, can integrate with HubSpot - the inbound marketing platform with blogging, landing page, contacts management, email and marketing automation functions. If you're sold on HubSpot but don't want to give up your existing WordPress site, you can do incredible things using the HubSpot for WordPress plugin.


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Best Practices for Designing and Developing HubSpot Forms

HubSpot FormsThe HubSpot 3 platform allows for much more control over form functions. Forms are a powerful way to understand and qualify leads and pass them along to your sales team. Here are some ways to use forms and the data collected from these forms:

  1. Collect new information from returning visitors – avoid asking for their name and email more than once.
  2. Build extensive profiles of users by collecting, segmenting, and organizing contact information over a series of forms using the HubSpot Contacts database.
  3. Trigger personalized follow-up emails based on information you collect.
  4. Set up forms with various fields – everything from text fields to dropdowns to file uploads.
  5. Connect data within your forms to third party CRM platforms.

Successfully implemented forms can greatly improve lead generation efforts. Here are a few pointers to getting started with designing and developing the HubSpot 3 forms.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

If you're a project manager, you'll need to be sure all your team resources - designers, developers, content creators - are on the same page relative to your client's or department's main business objectives and goals. You may even want to bring them up to speed using a HubSpot trial portal so they are familiar with the platform (if they aren't yet). Here are some other key items to plan for:

  1. Connectors – setting up a data connector between HubSpot and a CRM can run alongside any design and development work. Get that started ASAP so you can test it sooner rather than later.
  2. Workflow – are you setting up one form, multiple forms, emails, form notifications? Be sure to notify your team so they know what to test.
  3. Brand guidelines – do you have a recent style guide to share with your team?


Form design is critical. You need to capture useful information while not discouraging a website visitor from converting to a lead.  Review the design with your developer to address any technical/implementation concerns they may have. Some additional tips: 

  1. Keep it simple! Have a form headline, and field labels at the top of the fields that identify the fields, along with a straight forward submit button.
  2. One column forms are recommended.
  3. Avoid background images - they might necessitate some additional Javascript trickery.
  4. Try to minimize the need for unique form designs to keep the form setup simple, fast, and efficient.


Once you’ve set up the form and inserted it into your landing page, you’re ready to style it. Here are a few tips to keep the forms error free and tips for testing.

  1. Keep your CSS general and flexible. Trying to manage a dozen specific fields will become a chore down the road.
  2. Avoid visual wrappers for forms that also include extra HTML elements, like descriptive text or images. It’s simple enough to put a content module above a form; it’s a pain to get an editable content area inside a form without some ugly scripts.
  3. Make sure your form height is flexible so new fields added or removed (with the progressive profiling setup) do not break the form.
  4. Cross-browser test. Test submitting the form to make sure the Thank You messaging and/or redirects are working the way you intended them to work.

Don't Go Solo

Don’t have an in-house or agency designer or developer? You can still make easy color/style adjustments with HubSpot. Use the standard form look/feel and make simple adjustments to get started in minutes. If you need inspiration, take a look at these templates.

H/T to Ian Mcnair who also contributed to this post.


Photo Credit: EricGjerde via Compfight cc

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