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moving_compIt's moving season! As a Project Manager, you can imagine my moves are pretty darn organized. My proudest moment as a homeowner came when a real estate agent told me my house was the cleanest she'd ever toured. I own a messy dog, so I take this as a huge compliment. Now that I'm moving again, I'm as organized as ever – starting weeks in advance to clean house so the big moving day goes smoothly.

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Video marketing on your websiteI spend an undisclosed amount of time on YouTube and watching ridiculous vines. For whatever reason, these videos are addicting. YouTube has more than 1 billion users and Vine has racked up more than 40 million users. I'm not saying that a lot of these people shouldn't put down the iPhone and put up a paperback book (myself included). What I am saying is that people are receiving content online in different ways. No one has the time or patience to read pages of boring content, when they can receive that same information in a 10 second entertaining video. 

When it comes to your website, let's hope you didn't spend 6 hours crafting a 6,000 word page about your company. But if you did and you're getting frustrated that people aren't making it past the first paragraph, here are a few ideas to use videos to spruce up your website: