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Inbound Marketing

An Enterprise Inbound Marketing Thanksgiving

enterprise inbound thanksgivingTwas the morning before turkey and all through the house, not a ... Wait, sorry - wrong holiday. Soon - but not yet. Today, all us Lyntonites can, to a person, be thankful for all the amazing and caring clients we work with. Actually, "work with" does our client friends a bit of a disservice - partner with, strategize with, spend our days with is probably a better but still incomplete way to describe what enterprise inbound marketing is all about. If you're not yet familiar with enterprise inbound marketing or selecting the right enterprise inbound marketing partner here's a bit of a primer.

Firstly, know that enterprise inbounding simply grew out of inbound marketing moving upstream to larger organizations who saw the value and effectiveness of inbound marketing (inbound leads cost 61% less than traditional leads). Many of the strategies and techniques of inbound marketing can be applied to a larger enterprise - but they need to be considered in the context of people, process, and technology. Some examples:

People - inbound marketing for smaller or evolving businesses typically involves a smaller group of stakeholders. In some cases the agency of record may have complete decision-making authority. In larger companies, Marketing will be wrestling for more budget from Sales and vice versa. Unofficial data firewalls or even resource firewalls may be in place. As an enterprise inbound marketing agency, we have to account for these elements and effectively navigate around or through them. In fact, we're finding that for some of our larger marketing budget clients ($1 million +) an onsite presence of a Lynton strategist or account manager does wonders to lubricate our inbound efforts.

Process - if you're working with an enterprise client to produce 52 blogs per month targeting different buyer personas or placing targeted ad buys for a client while working with their in-house creative team you'll need defined processes and workflows. We've found that engaging in a prototype phase of projects, work methods and resource allocation is helpful. Enterprise inbounding is, by default, not mass production or lean manufacturing. I mean, gosh, why would anyone want creativity to be lean or mass produced? Goodbye viral videos. Unquestionably, we need efficiency but marketing inherently involves experimentation and trial and error.

Technology - Gobble, gobble, BIG DATA, gobble, gobble. Yes, yes please talk to us about big data. We know it, we dig it and we can closed-loop it for you. But let's not forget about small data and the various enterprise technologies you need to have in place for successful inbounding. HubSpot is certainly your core technology but we've found that at the enterprise level it will be supported or augmented with other exisiting technologies, like Sitefinity, that allow departmental, permission-based control of content.

A little brain food before you enjoy your Thanksgiving splendor. Have a great day and remember that without you there wouldn't be an us - THANK YOU.