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Planning an event or simply redesigning your site?
Brightlane+ is your all-in-one solution for user-friendly functionality and advanced features.

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Explore Brightlane+ Features

Brightlane+, an upgraded version of Brightlane, is a dynamic theme packed with the features you need to turbocharge your event marketing and business growth.
brightlane comparison table

Comparison Table

Highlight Your Tickets, Products, or Tiers

With the comparison table from Brightlane+, you can compare multiple options with optional CTAs. Whether you’re showing different price points for tickets or showcasing the various features of products, your online visitors will understand exactly what you’re offering and what makes sense for them. Configure as many columns as you want, change heading alignments, set Light or Dark mode, add a scanline background style, and update the colors and borders — the sky’s the limit!

brightlane 3d gallery and featured events


Showcase All Your Upcoming Events

Have a packed schedule and want to ensure your visitors know about each event? The multi-event template lets you feature your most important content — event or not — at the top of your homepage. Optimize it with different stylings, modules, and sections, including a 3D ring gallery, CTA box, slider, and back-to-top button.

brightlane speaker template

Speaker Detail

Play Up Your Speakers

Give your event speakers the hype they deserve with the speaker detail saved section. This two-column hero with text, with speaker text on the left and image on the right, can get your event attendees excited to hear from your stacked cast. With the ability to edit this saved section and corresponding module as much as you want, you can use this to your heart’s desire.

Brightlane vs. Brightlane+

What’s The Difference Between
Brightlane and Brightlane+?

brightlane free templates


Brightlane is a modern and bold free theme with 33 modules and nine page templates, including Home, Coming Soon, Session, About, Blog Listing, Blog Post, and more. Like Brightlane+, the modules and templates are geared toward companies looking to put on killer events or up their event marketing.

brightlane plus templates


Brightlane+ is a paid version ($99) of the Brightlane theme that contains 10 new modules, 13 new sections, and seven new templates to further customize and build your website to your needs. You will receive 16 templates, 44 saved sections, and 43 modules, including eight updated Brightlane ones for ultimate personalization. New features include detailed modules for speaker info, upcoming events, integrated maps, and 3D ring galleries.

*If you already use Brightlane, purchasing Brightlane+ does not integrate the new content into the free Brightlane theme. You would be using Brightlane+ as a completely separate theme.