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ACM Gold Hits Gold with 70% More Website Visitors, Explosion in Conversions


  • Search engine optimization
  • Custom design that's full-width and mobile friendly
  • Custom on-site search powered by Swiftype
  • SSL support
  • Development on the HubSpot website platform

The Problem

Founded in 2004, ACM Gold had achieved status as a celebrated, award-winning forex trading company in Africa. But while the company looked great in front of the cameras, it found itself drowning in a sea of website and marketing complexities behind the scenes.

The authorized financial services provider needed a way to consolidate, organize and streamline its various tools, content, departments and marketing strategies on a single platform. It also needed a way to customize the platform to meet the unique needs of its clients and industry.

The Solution

ACM Gold first chose HubSpot as its unified marketing platform. It then hand-picked Lynton to guide its HubSpot implementation and customization strategies. The result was a wholly redesigned website integrated with inter-departmental tools that were used to track, measure and build upon ACM Gold's existing success.

Although ACM Gold's updated marketing platform houses a multitude of complex functions and tools, the website itself was simple. Simple and supremely user-friendly.

Within 16 months of launching, ACM Gold’s redesigned site enjoyed a 70% increase in website visitors, along with a 40% increase in conversions.