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Averetek Vision for New Website becomes Optimized Reality


  • Website design, development and implementation
  • Site architecture for 377 web pages
  • Enhancement of templates to add depth
  • Tabs, accordions and other template features to accommodate lengthy content
  • More streamlined, user-friendly navigation
  • Google custom site search

The Problem

Averetek had a solid channel marketing software tool and a healthy collection of channel marketing services. But it also had tons and tons of channel marketing content that its existing website was unable to cohesively support. Issues with the site included:

  • Content didn’t go as deep as desired
  • Templates didn’t support large amounts of content
  • Lack of easy access to and enticing draws for different types of learning content
  • Navigation not particularly streamlined or user-friendly

The Solution

Averetek came armed with multiple ideas and a firm goal in mind. The company wanted to double its 1,000 monthly visits. And it wanted to do so through strategic inbound marketing techniques that could support the huge lineup of channel marketing learning content it already had on hand.

Lynton listened, learned, and delivered a sleek design that presented the tons of content in an organized, user-friendly way that would entice – rather than overwhelm – the visitors.

Website Redesign- Redesigning the Averetek site on HubSpot allowed for easy updates, efficient management, and multiple features and functions ideal for presenting high levels of content in a way that was both compelling and easy to digest.

Enhanced Templates- Lynton equipped templates with features that allow for a deeper dive into content. These included on-page tabs, accordions and other options that let visitors access as much, or as little, information as they liked.

Content Showcase- The site was specifically tailored to appeal to Averetek’s target audience, which are channel marketing and partner marketing leaders within companies that go to market with and through channel partners. The redesign was established to support the various types of content while enticing visitors to explore.

Grand Finale- From downloadable e-books to in-depth site pages, educational videos to a web-based ROI calculator, Averetek’s full smorgasbord of content is now easily accessible and strategically arranged throughout the revamped site. We topped off the site with an overall streamlined design, clear CTA buttons and other lead-generating features. In short, Averetek’s vision for a new site was indeed transformed into reality with help from Lynton.