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Equation Technologies Website Now Crisp, Cohesive and Ready for Action


  • Website design and development
  • Site structure of 425 web pages
  • Coordination of content setup
  • On-page organization of content for templates
  • Strategy for content and content offers geared toward target audience
  • Post-launch assistance with a few blog updates, breadcrumb trails and site adjustments

The Problem

Equation Technologies has long been on the mark when it comes to providing Sage ERP solutions for mid-sized businesses, but its website appeared to be missing the mark big time. A significant drop in traffic gave the company a clue that its site needed a major overhaul, as did the site’s overall incohesive feel. Issues with the existing site included:

  • Overall disjointed feel
  • New pages and content added at different times
  • Old pages not updated
  • No longer working as marketing tool
  • 50 percent traffic dip from two years prior

Equation Technologies had been a previous customer of Lynton, making it easy for them to choose us when they saw our name in the HubSpot database of HubSpot agencies.

The Solution

Equation Technologies wanted to get back on track with higher traffic numbers, with the aim of increasing visitors and doubling leads. As it stood, most leads were coming from microsites associated with Sage software rather than the company’s own site. Lynton got to work, redesigning a website that doubled as an effective marketing tool.

Website Redesign- Setting up the site on the HubSpot platform instantly made it incredibly easy to manage and update, with a consistent theme and templates that would eliminate a disjointed feel going forward.

Fresh Templates- New templates added to the crisp, clean, and consistent look, with Lynton providing on-page organization of content.

Content Strategy- We devised a content strategy that would appeal to Equation Tech’s target audience. These are companies evaluating or already using Sage and seeking a partner to assist them with specific services or support requests.

Grand Finale- In addition to presenting a unified, comprehensive rundown on what Equation Technologies is and does, the new site serves as a valuable resource for anyone using Sage software. The resources section is set up to attract individuals who need help with Sage and may benefit from Equation Tech’s specialized knowledge.

Lynton also provided a few website adjustments, blog updates, and set up breadcrumb trails after the website’s launch.