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Modern Site Provides Sweet Smell of Success to Fragrance Manufacturer


  • Site architecture for 1,980 pages
  • Wireframes and designs
  • Development of templates and insertion of content for HubSpot and Shopify
  • Quality assurance and launch support for both platforms, inclusive of SSL integration
  • Multiple custom modules that included:
    • Custom blog templates
    • Custom-designed Shopify email notification templates
    • Shopify customizations including dynamic loading of certification
    • Kosher and organic indicator logos
    • Adaptation of searchable certifications database to work with Shopify and HubSpot pages
    • Page design and development to create seamless transition between two platforms, with the same header, footer and base styling throughout

The Problem

Lebermuth was proud of its longstanding history, but it felt a bit differently about its longstanding website. The company was yearning for a modern website design that met two main objectives. The site needed to be easily edited by the team. And it had to provide a great user experience.

Lynton initially did the integration work for Lebermuth, so we were at the ready when they asked if we knew of a company that could do HubSpot website redesigns.

The Solution

Lynton and Lebermuth had a great rapport establishing what pieces of functionality would need to be set up to meet Lebermuth’s business needs. Numerous customizations were required and provided.

Some of them were small yet crucial, like a searchable database of certifications and documents the company was legally obligated to maintain. Others were larger and just as crucial, such as the ability for Lebermuth team members to edit content pieces without the assistance of a developer or external agency.

To achieve the desired goals and functionalities, the website first had to be moved from its existing platform, a proprietary system known as American Eagle. The new website was built on HubSpot and Shopify, with HubSpot providing efficient content and customer relationship management and Shopify providing an e-commerce store.

The end result is a modern, streamlined site that provides an exceptional experience for users as well as the Lebermuth team. Team members can manage content on their own. Site visitors are treated to valuable information and easy navigation, quickly able to see both how and why to choose Lebermuth products.