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New Website Design Helps mTAB Educate Leads On Survey Analysis Process


  • User-friendly navigation
  • Custom graphics
  • User-driven, responsive design
  • Content insertion on site
  • Development and launch on WordPress platform

The Problem

mTAB needed a website to drive home why someone would choose the business analysis software they supply. A lack of strong visuals of the software and content made this problematic. By partnering with Lynton, an updated and content-driven site was born.

The Solution

mTAB’s Vice President of Marketing Wess Musso brought a specific vision for the new site’s homepage and sitemap with SEO guidance - starting the project off on the right foot. We provided supporting wireframes to match the overall flow for mTAB’s interior pages. The interior pages needed to dive deep on particular topics - such as case studies - and follow the SEO guidance. Lynton provided detailed wireframes to do this. After, our designers developed all the templates mTAB needed in WordPress, making sure to carry the style vision provided by Musso. mTAB wanted to focus on more detailed content sections to highlight why users select their software. We also created more calls-to-actions and an updated area for case studies, something the previous website did not have. Custom graphics, like the map featured on the “Contact Us” page, made the site unique. With the site’s new look and capabilities, mTAB plans to blog, promote their case studies, and increase their lead generation through educational content.

“mTab is a software platform that helps make market research data meaningful, useful, and actionable. We wanted a site that would be user friendly and would also allow them to provide more clarity of their product and services. It was important that they had the ability to showcase their software, expertise and experience in the industries that they serve.”

Rob Walz Senior Designer