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SPECS’ New Brand Image, New Services Means New Website


  • Website design and development
  • Site structure for 105 web pages
  • On-page organization of content for each template
  • Coordination of content setup
  • Collaboration on content strategy
  • Language translation of all pages into French; menu item to easily switch between languages

The Problem

While SPECS wanted to retain its position as one of Canada’s leading providers of property appraisal and insurance consulting services, the company was reinventing itself with a new brand identity. It was also starting to supplement its core services while offering new services to new target audiences. That meant the existing website simply wouldn’t do. The old site was lacking:

  • Modern look and feel
  • Alignment with the new brand image
  • Details about new service offerings
  • CTAs associated with new services
  • Content that spoke to all four target audiences
  • Direct options for much-needed functions, such as Submit a Claim or Speak with an Expert

SPECS chose to work with Lynton based on a referral from a Lynton team member who had previously worked with the Canadian insurance consulting firm.

The Solution

SPECS was looking to update the look, feel, content, and branding elements of its site, with the addition of new service offerings to appeal to three new target audiences. It also wanted to increase its traffic, lead generation, and lead conversion rates. Lynton worked with SPECS team members to collaborate on content strategy, then incorporated new branding elements and content into the site’s redesign on the HubSpot platform.

Website Redesign- The entire site received a facelift, with a streamlined layout, branding elements added to various modules, individual service pages, and new templates designed to support fresh content.

Content Strategy- Lynton worked with SPECS to develop a content strategy that would appeal to all four of the company’s target audiences.

  • Core audience of insurance companies, adjusters and claims managers
  • New audience of captive/self-insured large enterprise organizations with significant property investments
  • New audience of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals at large organizations
  • New audience of reinsurance organizations

We expanded the content’s reach even further by translating all the web pages and adding a menu button that allowed visitors to easily switch between English and French.