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Revamped Tuition Management Site Pays off with Enhanced User Experience


  • Website design, development and implementation
  • Site architecture for 55 web pages
  • Templates to achieve company goal
  • Color scheme overhaul
  • Custom dropdown to feature products on homepage

The Problem

Tuition Management Systems prides itself on keeping ahead of the trends with its multiple payment-oriented solutions. But its website was sorely behind the times. Issues with the company’s existing site included:

  • Outdated design
  • Stale color palette
  • Few opportunities for inbound marketing, such as offers and conversion points
  • Offerings not clearly delineated
  • No precise path outlining how users could get started

The Solution

Lynton kicked off the project by working closely with TMS to determine the content needs for its users. Once essential content was established, we guided TMS towards a navigation structure and templates that would help accomplish its goals on the HubSpot platform.

One of the main goals was to clearly delineate the company’s offerings, which include seven distinct products. Each product is now showcased in two main areas. A custom dropdown menu features the lineup of products prominently on the homepage.

The product page features a summary of each product, along with the opportunity for users to explore more details. Users who click for more details of a specific product are treated to sections containing FAQs, resources, and the opportunity to request a consultation to get started.

Additional goals included updating the color palette and overall look and feel of the site. Brighter, inviting colors were introduced to the mix, along with a streamlined, modern design that reflected the company’s advanced product offerings.

One more aim was to increase opportunities for inbound marketing, which was accomplished through various offers. TMS plans to continue to offer e-books, webinars, demos, and blog posts as part of its marketing efforts to generate interest in its products through its redesigned site.