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Upwind Solutions’ Powerful New Site Gives Visitors Info They Need


  • Website design and development
  • Site architecture for 176 web pages
  • Collaboration on templates and content strategy
  • Insertion of provided content
  • Customizations that included banner with video background, HubSpot smart content and persona segmentation

The Problem

Upwind Solutions provides a lineup of complex services for the wind farming industry, yet it needed a site that explained its custom process in a simple, straightforward manner. The current website was more like a static brochure, failing to provide a clear idea of what the company actually does or how users can find more information pertinent to their needs. Key issues with the existing site included:

  • Stale website design
  • Unclear idea of what solutions the company offers
  • No clear path for users to follow for relevant information

Upwind Solutions chose Lynton through a HubSpot connection. One of Upwind’s associates runs the San Diego HubSpot User Group (HUGS), while Lynton runs the HUGS in Houston.

The Solution

After collaborating with Upwind Solutions on templates and content strategy, Lynton set to work building a fresh website on the HubSpot platform. Not only does the new site provide a detailed overview of all the services Upwind provides, but it gives individual personas a clear path for obtaining more information.

Lynton established routes for each user type to conversion points, with the homepage featuring options for five different specific buyer personas in the wind energy industry. The homepage and other areas of the site provide proof points, backing up the quality and extreme efficiency of Upwind Solutions, mainly through satisfied customer testimonials.

Additional proof was provided at launch, with the release of case studies backed by third-party resources to support efficiency claims of the process and technology Upwind brings to the industry. Content continues to be released as part of the company’s marketing efforts.

The greatest benefits of Upwind Solutions are enhancing the reliability of operations and reducing the cost of management. Both factors are now highlighted front and center on the homepage, along with easy access to more information that outlines how wind farm producers can get there.