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Custom Features Turn ThoughtTrace’s Website Into A Sleek, Educational Hub


  • Custom drop-down menu
  • Video animation
  • Friendlier site navigation
  • Persona-drive, responsive design
  • Custom blog templates
  • Development, content insertion, and launch on the HubSpot platform

The Problem

ThoughtTrace’s branding was always on point - but their website lacked the educational, engaging, and informative content they wanted. While the site received compliments on the look, Director of Marketing Rich Witmer and his team wanted their website to act as a 24/7 salesperson. But, of course, with a solid design. Reaching out to Lynton ensured they received both.

The Solution

To be successful, we worked with Witmer to glean all as much information as possible, including their audiences, product features, and product benefits. All these needed to be highlighted on the new site to keep visitors engaged and ultimately moved to contact them. Previously, the site’s focus was primarily on the licensing aspects of their content management platform, while neglecting more-in-depth content for people on different stages of their buyers’ journey. We worked the site architecture, wireframes, designs, and unique templates to reflect their new content strategy.

A new feature we created for them was the use of video animation. Witmer and his team actively sought out video, and with new-flexible templates in place, can continue to add more as they grow. Custom resource and blog templates allowed them to begin populating their site with case studies, event information, webinars, and detailed blogs. With a beautiful design and HubSpot training, ThoughtTrace.com can grow as their software evolves.

"With Thought Trace, we took on more of a Growth Driven Design approach. There was not a lot of content to go along with their new branding effort and they needed a site rather quickly. So, we wanted to give them a site that they could customize rather easily and grow as the business did.”

Rob Walz Senior Designer