Surge Homes Website Development

surge homes redesignSurge Homes turned heads and took the market by storm by announcing 8 potential homesites in the Houston metro area. With the help of LyntonWeb's expert team, Surge Homes launched an interactive lead generating website that surveyed potential home buyers about their wants and needs.

Concierge Auctions Website Redesign

concierge auctions redesignWith an aggressive expansion plan, Concierge required more from their website presence in conjunction with their inbound marketing efforts. The new Concierge website had to be representative of the high-quality auction process. Not only did Concierge need a more modern user interface but also sufficient visual space to showcase each unique property that has an average listing price of $5.4 million. Since each buyer, seller, bidder, and agent was essential to their business growth, their website needed to be a lead generator in all of these categories.

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