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Dynic USA Leads Skyrocket 100% with HubSpot COS Website Redesign


  • Search engine optimization
  • Modern, mobile-friendly template design
  • Multilingual website development
  • Customer login portal
  • Development on the HubSpot COS

The Problem

Since its inception in 1988, Dynic USA grew from an impact printer ribbon manufacturing center to a provider of thermal transfer ribbons, coated textile labels, specialty packaging and covering materials, and a variety of other coated products.

Although the firm and its 60 employees have built a strong reputation for quality and consistency, customers aware of this reputation were few and far between. Brand awareness was low, website traffic even lower. When visitors did land on the site, interaction was near or at zero.

Dynic USA knew it had to increase awareness not only of its products, but of its very existence. It additionally wanted to engage visitors and specifically promote thermal ribbons, food packaging and expiration date labels, items for which a strong market exists.

The Solution

After becoming familiar with HubSpot, Dynic USA was referred to Lynton to help with the revamp and rebirth of its website. The results were astounding, with a 100% increase in lead quantity, along with a phenomenal increase in the quality of those leads. Site visits were up across the board, with notable boosts from organic searches, direct traffic and referrals linked from other sites.