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Inner Workings revamped website experience strenghths their presence


  • SEO planning and implementation
  • Full width, custom designed templates
  • WordPress templates and custom development
  • Marketo templates
  • Site content strategy and funnel analysis
  • Audit and overhaul of existing systems including website configuration, tracking, website security and hosting

The Problem

Inner Workings is a marketing execution firm for many Fortune 500 clients across the globe. When they engaged with our team, we put together a plan to revamp their website experience. Though they had a fresh design, there were key elements missing to a high-converting website:

  • Personas were not aligned with the content strategy of the website
  • The website was not driving highly qualified traffic to conversion points
  • The website, while it communicated their offerings, lacked focus on the key differentiators

In a multi-phase approach, we collaborated with the in-house marketing team to strengthen the website presence.

The Solution

To begin, we met to review the personas, current funnel and business objectives. After being brought up to speed, our team was able to craft an architecture and content strategy that meets those objectives.

Template overhaul- After identifying the new architecture, we highlighted key templates that would need re-structured. Using wireframes and design, we re-built WordPress templates from the ground up - which set the stage for iterations to all templates.

  • Full-width, responsive design
  • Strategic module and conversion point placement
  • Custom development on top of an existing WordPress framework

Marketo landing page and email support- To support the overall goal to drive conversions, we also created new custom Marketo landing page and email templates.

Audit of existing tracking systems- Often overlooked are the systems that support tracking, measuring inbound marketing success. Our team audited, cleaned up and established best practices inside tracking systems tied to their business including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Business tools.

Site speed enhancements, WordPress security- Anyone who’s worked within an existing WordPress theme knows there are multiple factors that contribute to slow site speed or a compromised WordPress site. Since both are vital to SEO success, we took detailed steps to improve the overall site setup:

  • WordPress settings management, plugin audit and cleanup
  • Custom development for efficient script loading
  • Migration to WP Engine hosting