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Website Redesign Takes GovDocs from ‘Poster Store’ to Full-Service Compliance Solution


  • Website design and development
  • Revamped site structure for site’s 1,390 pages
  • WordPress templates, with on-page organization of content for various content types
  • Assistance with site content strategy to appeal to very specific target audience
  • Coordination of website content setup

The Problem

GovDocs is a labor law poster provider based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but it’s much more than simply an online poster store. The company’s existing website did not make that fact clear – and that was just one of its issues. Others included:

  • Outdated look and feel
  • Overload of navigation and noise
  • Many pages lacking CTAs
  • Simplistic, lacking polish required to align with Fortune 1000 clients and purchasers
  • Appeared as menu of product options rather than interactive site with which users could engage

After finding Lynton on HubSpot’s list of certified partners, GovDocs turned to us for help with all of the above, and more.

The Solution

GovDocs wanted to shift the focus of its site from the poster store to the enterprise-level business services they offer, such as a posting compliance program that takes the work out of keeping up with regulations for every location.

That said, the redesigned site needed to appeal to the HR administrators and business owners that would view such services as the ultimate solution to their pain points. The site also needed to infuse confidence in prospects that GovDocs was a trusted outsource partner for labor law posting compliance.

Website Overhaul- Thanks to a redesign using WordPress with the HupSpot platform, the revamped site offers a clean design and solid focus on the main offering. Visitors instantly know GovDocs is a complete B2B labor law poster compliance solution, not a B2C online poster shop for one-time purchases.

Customizations- We equipped GovDocs with our custom-built plugin that allows the company to add HubSpot forms into its WordPress pages. We also provided precisely organized templates for various types of content. The templates are functional, allowing for GovDocs to easily build new site pages in the future.

Content Strategy- Lynton worked with GovDocs to devise a content strategy that included topical content in the form of blog posts and compelling offers in the form of white papers. Both were geared for inbound lead generation and capture.

Request Forms- Price quote request forms were also added to capture sales-ready contacts.

Grand Finale- With a modern look and friendly yet professional feel, GovDocs’ new site makes it easy for visitors to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Armed with fresh content, the marketing team hit the ground running after the site’s launch, publishing new content on the blog and putting out new offers designed to appeal to HR admins and business owners across several states and industries.