Developing Buyer Personas for Your NonProfit

nonprofit persona

In nonprofit organizations, you can use buyer personas to recruit volunteers, reach potential donors, and connect with future recipients.

What are buyer personas? They are generalized representations of your ideal customers based on data, demographics, behavioral patterns, and your goals. Buyer personas can be created through research, surveys, and interviews of your target audience. 

To help you get started developing your personas, we put together a folder of resources. In it you will find:

  • Interview questions for internal stakeholders. Starting with internal interviews will help you find current marketing goals. 
  • Interview questions for volunteers, donors, and recipients. Look through your contact database and schedule interviews with people who would be your ideal volunteers, donors, and recipients. These questions will help you find pain points, needs, and demographics.
  • A nonprofit buyer persona template. Slide-by-slide, we'll walk you through putting a persona together. Plus, you'll be able to come up with content ideas for each persona at every step of the funnel.

To receive your copy of our persona resources, please fill out the form.

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