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Good, better, best. Platinum, silver, gold. Many HubSpot agencies currently have inbound marketing plans or have experimented with them. Certainly, signing up for a marketing plan can give you peace of mind and provide you with regular agency support. But is being locked into an inbound marketing plan or retainer best for your department or organization? The answer is... 

LyntonWeb RetreatThis past August our CEO, Daniel Lynton, brought our whole company together in Breckenridge, Colorado for our annual company retreat. Four days of bonding and exploring sites with your co-workers is a great opportunity for a distributed team like ours. Here's a few things we did (and learned) that you may consider doing for your own company. 

Value of a WebinarAre webinars part of your inbound marketing plan? If they aren't, they should be. Webinars can effectively showcase your company's expertise, offer real time interaction with prospects and offer advanced content once they are completed. Consider the following reasons to include webinars in your inbound marketing strategy. 

Inbound Marketing

Talking to your boss about Inbound and HubSpotOne question we are asked frequently is how to sell and evangelize inbound marketing (and HubSpot) within your own company. As a marketer you may have learned about HubSpot and inbound through a local HUG meetup or even through an Internet search on 'marketing automation software.' Perhaps you've used HubSpot at a previous employer and want to introduce it to your new one. Maybe you volunteer at a non-profit organization and want to give them an edge in their online marketing. Here's a few ways to talk about inbound and HubSpot with your bosses that will help pique their interest and may even encourage them to give this new fangled marketing (to them) a try. 

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Black Friday EmailsThis past Friday, you probably received countless Black Friday emails touting incredible, once a year savings and deals. A friend of mine who cleared her Inbox on Thursday had received over 80 'deal' emails by early Friday. The email I received from Tortuga, a high-end backpack retailer, stood out for me (i.e. I read the entire email a few times and appreciated the email). 

2017 Marketing BudgetIt’s that time of year once again. You’re in the midst of preparing your 2017 budget while trying to figure out how to make the most of what’s left in your 2016 marketing budget. While a new cappuccino machine may sound nice (and frothy), it’s not going to give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Make the greatest impact, based the size of spend left in your 2016 budget, with these strategic ideas.