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BuyerPersonaInterviews.jpgOnce you’ve created your buyer persona interviews, completed your interviews and put together your findings, you’ve made a huge step toward effectively targeting your ideal customers. But you’re not done yet. The next phase is to use the information throughout your inbound marketing plan and strategy. Start with three to five of the personas you want to target first, keeping in mind that each may interact with your website, products and services a bit differently. 

rob-walz-lyntonweb.jpgSee that guy in the pic? That's Rob - our graphic designer extraordinaire. He's really, really good. He wins awards. Lots of them. But even with all his amazing skills he's only as good as the input he receives from you.  Once you begin to redesign your website, a large part of the redesign process involves working with a graphic designer. Your designer has a huge role in creating a new, fresh website that is both user-friendly and focused on your brand’s corporate identity. One way to ensure that happens is by making your designer’s job as smooth as possible with the following best practices. 

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Buyer PersonasTo effectively sell your products to consumers, you need to understand the consumers to whom you’re selling. And one way to figure it out is by developing buyer personas. Buyer personas are archetypes of your ideal customers, and they can include existing as well as potential customer types. Buyer personas are important for guiding all aspects of your marketing plan, from website and blog content to social media and email strategies. 

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healthcareblog.jpgWhether people are researching health-related information for themselves, their children, spouses, patients, pals or caregiver clients, the bottom line is people are certainly searching. An additional crowd of visitors can come from current and potential patients already online emailing doctors, logging into patient portals and otherwise taking advantage of health-related services and assistance they can find online. 

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Growth Driven Design SecretsWe've been working with a number of clients who've chosen a Growth Driven Design approach when refreshing their website and have seen great success. Our client successes and the challenges we've encountered in those successes have taught us  some important lessons - the secrets of our successes if you will. And being the charitable folks we are, we wanted to share these secrets with you.