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Company: Dynic USA

Established in 1988, Dynic USA has evolved from an impact printer ribbon manufacturing center to a high-quality materials specialist serving a variety of consumer needs. As the American arm of the multinational Dynic Group based in Japan, Dynic USA manufacturers and markets thermal transfer ribbons, coated textile labels, cabin air filter media, specialty packaging and covering materials, and additional coated products. With a reputation for quality and consistency, Dynic USA serves North, Central and South America, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Since its inception in 1988, Dynic USA grew from an impact printer ribbon manufacturing center to a provider of thermal transfer ribbons, coated textile labels, specialty packaging and covering materials, and a variety of other coated products.

Although the firm and its 60 employees have built a strong reputation for quality and consistency, customers aware of this reputation were few and far between. Brand awareness was low, website traffic even lower. When visitors did land on the site, interaction was near or at zero.

Dynic USA knew it had to increase awareness not only of its products, but of its very existence. It additionally wanted to engage visitors and specifically promote thermal ribbons, food packaging and expiration date labels, items for which a strong market exists.

After becoming familiar with HubSpot, Dynic USA was referred to LyntonWeb to help with the revamp and rebirth of its website. The results were astounding, with a 100% increase in lead quantity, along with a phenomenal increase in the quality of those leads. Site visits were up across the board, with notable boosts from organic searches, direct traffic and referrals linked from other sites.

From Unknown to Unmatched with Revamped Website

Matchless quality and consistency had been the hallmark of Dynic USA since its inception in 1988. But few were aware of the company’s product offerings – or that the company even existed.

Brand awareness was low, while website traffic was even lower. A reliance on “silent marketing,” sales through distributors, and a product line most people don’t think about on a regular basis prevented a wider audience. Although Dynic USA boasted superior quality, Chinese competitors were more readily nabbing prospects through painfully low, cut-throat pricing.

A static website didn’t help. Useful application and other information was sorely lacking. And the only site areas that could be easily changed, edited or updated were the product pages.

“It was not driving leads,” said Dynic USA Marketing Manager Mindy Nyberg of the old website. “There was low interaction. It wasn’t clicking with people.”


Dynic USA was aware of HubSpot; Mindy even went through the training. But as a one-woman marketing department, Mindy needed more help than the HubSpot platform alone could provide. HubSpot recommended LyntonWeb, which Mindy went with after additional research into other inbound marketing agencies.

Price was a factor, particularly since it took several years for Dynic USA and the parent company of Dynic Group to approve the budget. Mindy was also seeking an agency familiar with HubSpot development and one other vital factor.

“[The agency] needed to understand where Dynic was starting from. What information are we missing on the website? What information do we need to include?” Mindy said. LyntonWeb fit the bill on all counts, including being very clear on the website process. It was also an agency Mindy felt comfortable with.

Putting Dynic on the Map

The initial step was creating a master plan to jumpstart brand awareness. The existing Dynic USA website not only lacked sufficient information, but it was also missing a strong visual identity and detailed rundown of the company’s product offerings.

LyntonWeb and Dynic USA collaborated to devise a four-point action plan that touched on areas essential for increasing awareness. The first was a new site design to establish a firm brand presence. Next up was building out the library of products in a user-friendly manner so distributors could better understand what Dynic offered.

The third stage of the plan involved representing Dynic’s website content in both English and Spanish to increase the potential customer base even further. Step four of the plan focused on a variety of specific offers. These included product sample requests, reseller registration, and a private portal for product documentation.

Designing for Current and Future Needs

Since one of the biggest pain points of the existing site was its static nature, LyntonWeb and Dynic USA made sure the new site left plenty of room for growth. LyntonWeb’s team designed templates and custom modules that allowed Dynic USA to easily evolve and expand the site over time.

Customized product modules were in the lineup, letting desktop and mobile users review product information on a handy grid format. A custom map with hover functionality was designed for desktop users, while mobile users would see stacked content displaying the same information.

Multilingual HubSpot templates would provide the same content in both English and Spanish. LyntonWeb also hooked up custom team member modules for rapid, straightforward content management. Mindy noted LyntonWeb kept everything on track, delivered when promised, and launched the site right on target.

“Website launches can be a bit chaotic,” Mindy said, “but it really went smoothly.”  

New Site Sizzles in Front of and Behind the Scenes

Dynic USA’s stale, static site and virtually unknown web presence are both ancient history since the new site launched. Leads are up 100%, with site traffic, referrals, and visitor engagement also enjoying a hefty boost.

“Leads not only increased, but they’re a better quality,” Mindy said. “The website is much more targeted. It sends visitors where they need to be, provides the information they need.”

Visitors aren’t the only ones benefiting from the revamped Dynic USA site, which now serves up valuable insights behind the scenes.

“Website visits have gone up, and we have the ability to track who is visiting the site,” Mindy said. “Seeing prospects on the website is helpful. The old site was not interactive. Now we can see where in the buyer’s journey the prospect is, what content they’ve downloaded.”

Learn How To:  

While the new website and inbound strategies have catapulted Dynic USA into the awareness zone, LyntonWeb’s work is not completely done yet.

A portal for customers and the sales team is still in the works, which will include a WordPress-hosted sales and product documentation management system. This will allow Dynic USA to provide access to specific product and compliance files for sales team members as well as clients.

Clients and prospects visiting the revamped Dynic USA website are now treated to a host of useful information, along with easy navigation that allows them to home in on the exact information they need.

A click of the mouse in the upper left-hand corner switches the content between English and Spanish, while a few more clicks in strategic areas lets users review product applications, dive deeper into specific product details, or register as a reseller. Although the main customer base continues to be distributors, the website and accompanying strategies have increased the audience and, most importantly, the audience interaction with Dynic USA.

“Leads not only increased, but they’re a better quality. The website is much more targeted. It sends visitors where they need to be, provides the information they need.”

Mindy Nyberg, Marketing Manager

Dynic USA


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