Your Wix+HubSpot Integration App is now live.
Here's what's syncing:

  1. 1. Automatic HubSpot Tracking Code

    Your HubSpot tracking code has been automatically installed on every page of your Wix website. There's nothing you need to do! This means you get valuable website visitor and cookie tracking throughout your site. (Click to learn more about HubSpot tracking.)

  2. 2. Wix Form Submissions to HubSpot

    Every time a contact submits a Wix form on your website, the integration will save all the details to a timeline event in the matching HubSpot Contact.

  3. 3. Wix Contacts to HubSpot

    Every time a Wix contact is created or updated, it will sync to HubSpot contacts. The integration matches by email address. Default field mappings include: 

         - First Name
         -Last Name
         -Email Address
         -Phone Number
         -Address: Street, City, State, Zip, Country


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