Coggins Responsive Website Redesign

Case Study

Coggins Web Redesign Triples Traffic, Generates Conversions


  • Website design and development for 50-page site
  • Content strategy and insertion
  • Post-launch analysis, testing support, additional design and development
  • Well-designed templates with room to grow as inbound marketing assets increased
  • Custom features that include HubSpot for WordPress form module, graphics for resources, composite images for store features

Services Provided

  • Website Design

The Problem

Coggins stands high above its competitors by offering branded merchandise – and an entire online company stores solution. The existing website, however, didn’t capitalize on that fact. It instead made the company appear to be a small, out-of-date, local business that was just another branded merchandise option. Issues with the site included:

  • Outdated look and feel
  • Focus on branded merchandise instead of comprehensive company store solution
  • Lack of effective conversion points

Coggins came to Lynton to shift the focus from a merchandise supplier to a full B2B partner for setting up an online store platform. The company wanted to re-establish its brand presence, then iterate and test from there – all with the overall aim of increasing conversions.

The Solution

The redesign was aimed at showcasing the full scope of Coggins’ online stores solution, with in-house services most competitors can only offer through third-party vendors. Coggins wanted to attract HR or branding departments that needed help executing branded merchandise, from brainstorming to acquisition to fulfillment.

Lynton got to work building a new site on the WordPress platform with embedded HubSpot forms. The redesign went quickly, with a launch within 60 days. In addition to a modern site with streamlined content and a focus on conversion points, Lynton continued to provide post-launch assistance with page testing and optimization.

Test results led to additional site enhancements, all geared toward core users. Lynton also helped with blogging as well as encouraging Coggins to release more case studies, specifications documents and other content to draw in new leads.

The results have been significant. In the six months following the launch, website traffic more than tripled from 942 to 3,092. The average conversion rate hit a solid 1%, with additional testing, optimization, and inbound marketing strategies planned moving forward.