Avertek Website Redesign


Averetek had tons and tons of channel marketing content that its existing website was unable to cohesively support. With a HubSpot website redesign, they were able to use on-page tabs, accordions and other options that let visitors access as much, or as little, information as they like.

Equation Technologies Website Redesign


Equation Technologies has long been on the mark when it comes to providing Sage ERP solutions for mid-sized businesses, but its website appeared to be missing the mark big time. A significant drop in traffic gave the company a clue that its site needed a major overhaul, as did the site’s overall incohesive feel.

SPECS Website Redesign

cs_gov_docs (1).png

While SPECS wanted to retain its position as one of Canada’s leading providers of property appraisal and insurance consulting services, the company was reinventing itself with a new brand identity. It was also starting to supplement its core services while offering new services to new target audiences. That meant the existing website simply wouldn’t do.

GovDocs Website Redesign

cs_gov_docs (1).png

GovDocs is a labor law poster provider based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but it’s much more than simply an online poster store. The company’s existing website did not make that fact clear – and that was just one of its issues.

Data Masons Website Redesign

cs_dmasons.pngData Masons Software has specialized in making Electronic Data Interchange simple since 1996. The same, however, could certainly not be said about the company’s existing website. Complicated, outdated and tough to navigate, the existing site underwent a complete overhaul to improve user experience.

Inner Workings Website Support

cs_inwk.pngInner Workings is a marketing execution firm for many Fortune 500 clients across the globe. When they engaged with our team, we put together a plan to revamp their website experience. Though they had a fresh design, there were key elements missing to a high-converting website.

Surge Homes Website Development

surge homes redesignSurge Homes turned heads and took the market by storm by announcing 8 potential homesites in the Houston metro area. With the help of LyntonWeb's expert team, Surge Homes launched an interactive lead generating website that surveyed potential home buyers about their wants and needs.

InTouch Technology Website Redesign

intouch technology redesignInTouch Technology prides itself on helping fitness clubs across the world manage sales and customer retention with an easy to use platform. The website, however, didn't portray the brand in a desirable way. InTouch chose LyntonWeb to overhaul their user experience and get the most out of HubSpot in a quick timeline.

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