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Power your business operations and decision-making by connecting your tech stack and harnessing comprehensive data from all your systems.

Integration Services

Custom vs. Packaged Integrations: What’s the Difference?

Our Process

How We Tackle Custom Projects

We approach integrations as a guided, collaborative effort with support from start to post-launch. This involves four steps.

01. Discovery

In a dedicated kick-off call, we’ll get to know your company and meet your team. We will discuss:

  • Your system of choice
  • Customization options
  • Point of contact
  • General timeline 

02. Build

Once we’re ready, we develop everything we’ve scoped in our previous meetings. We will:

  • Build your sync logic
  • Create your field mapping
  • Begin custom development 
  • Work on anything else requested

03. Test & Launch

After we process test data and sync flows, we’ll start launching your integration. Our team will:

  • Populate historical data
  • Review data
  • Provide training
  • Ensure everything is synced properly

04. Support

Just because your data is flowing between both systems, doesn’t mean we say goodbye. We will: 

  • Monitor your integration
  • Provide troubleshooting
  • Make recommendations
  • Offer updates or changes

How We've Helped

Custom Tessitura Integration Helps the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Generate More Leads

The Lynton team assisted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a custom solution by integrating its Tessitura system with HubSpot, further enhancing marketing strategies. This collaboration streamlined data handling between the ticketing and marketing systems, leading to more effective, personalized campaigns and a significant increase in lead generation and customer engagement.

When You Succeed, We Succeed

Let Our Clients Do the Talking

See how HubSpot users like you have partnered with us to create their dream integration.

“When we chose HubSpot as our new ESP four years ago, we partnered with Lynton to set up and manage the integration with CRM Dynamics. Wise decision. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable in their field, they are genuinely pleasant people to work with.”

Jenifer Schaller
Lifecycle Marketer, Carrington Holding Co.
2,400 + employees


Need an Answer Now?

Take a look at some of the most common questions we get about custom integrations.
How long will a custom integration take?

While there are variables that will impact your timeline, our integration team at Lynton sees an average custom HubSpot integration take 90 days to complete.

Do I need a developer on my team?

While it may be helpful to have a developer, it is not necessary with our integration offerings. Lynton’s HubSpot integrations require no IT experience.

What kind of Integrations do you offer?

Our team is highly experienced at creating custom integrations using HubSpot Operations Hub, iPaaS platforms, and on-premise server-hosted and cloud-hosted services.

Is there support after the Integration launches

Our integrations come with a basic support retainer where a dedicated team debugs, maintains, and proactively updates your integration. We also offer additional HubSpot Strategy services to help you make the most of your data.

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