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Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams with Customized HubSpot Onboarding and Training

New to HubSpot? Ready to strategize and set up your portal for success?

Deciding to onboard a new technology platform can be a massive undertaking, but our services are personalized for your success. Whether it’s Marketing, Sales, or Service Hub, we’ll support you every step of the way, explaining in detail specific terminology, how everything operates and its full capabilities - and how to make it work for your unique business needs so you can realize a quicker time to value. Not to mention, when you customize your HubSpot software to align with your organizational needs, you’ll be able to tap into the metrics needed to make data-informed decisions on your sales, marketing, or service strategies over time. Together, we can help you become confident using the HubSpot tool so you can crush all your goals!


What Goal Are You Looking to Achieve?

Generate More Leads

Bolstering your inbound marketing efforts to generate more leads and, in turn, grow your business means implementing the right tools -- or Marketing Hub. We can offer a consultative approach to properly configuring your marketing portal, including offer strategy on:

  • Understanding the HubSpot vocabulary and how it applies to inbound marketing practices
  • Growing traffic to your website and other marketing material
  • Brainstorming and creating content to automatically nurture leads along the buyers’ journey
  • Defining and achieving marketing objectives, including a safe migration of any current marketing data
  • And more!
Automate Sales

While using technology is a part of any modern sales executive’s job, your sales department should focus most of their energy on building relationships with prospects. Through our Sales Hub training and onboarding, you can streamline your unique sales process through automation tools. We can strategize on: 

  • Creating a prospecting process, then automating lead assignment, notifications, and lead handoff
  • Explaining HubSpot-specific terminology and how it relates to the sales process as a whole
  • Moving your current sales data, like contacts, companies, and deals, securely to HubSpot
  • Leveraging productivity tools, like email snippets to close deals faster
  • And more!
Organize Service or Support

Customer expectations are higher than ever before -- and that’s fine! You should be actively delighting your loyal users by offering them easy ways to contact you for support, educating them on your products, and more. With our Service Hub training, we can get you customer success program up and running by: 

  • Diving into what a customer success program looks like within the HubSpot software 
  • Translating your current customer service or support processes into HubSpot 
  • Determining how your help desk or ticket pipeline will work 
  • Utilizing tools like chatbots, live chat, or HubSpot calling to build a proactive program 
  • And more!

How We Do Onboarding Differently


Defined Process

We’ve spent years developing our HubSpot onboarding and training process. You can rest assured that our approach is tested and regularly optimized with common business needs in mind.


HubSpot Experts

We live and breathe HubSpot, and have hundreds of certifications under our belt. That means your onboarding will be hands-on, strategic, and customized to meet your business goals.


Dedicated Team

Throughout your process, you will have a single point of contact who will work with you diligently. To help HubSpot work for you, we can pull in subject matter specialists as needed.


Development Abilities

Do you need your portal to align or integrate with another business technology? Our HubSpot certified developers and solution architects can help with that along the way.

Your Marketing Hub Onboarding and Training

We take the time to make sure your HubSpot portal addresses your marketing team needs. Here’s how:



Before we make recommendations, we get to know your company inside and out. We’ll go over topics like your experience with HubSpot, your highest marketing priorities, who will be using the software, and how it fits into your current marketing tech stack. Understanding your business processes will ensure successful configuration and user adoption.


Consulting and Recommendations



Once we understand your marketing initiatives, our team will dive into your portal and set it up using best practices. Depending on your familiarity with HubSpot, we’ll be sure to define everything we’re doing clearly. That can be anything from explaining HubSpot’s lifecycle stages (where your contact is in the buying process or their relationship to your company) or workflows (marketing automation to make sending emails and other functionality easier) -- whatever is needed!

Set Up and Optimization


We’ll make sure everything is in place in your portal so you can take the reins. We’ll pop the hood and provide on-hands training on elements like templates (email, landing pages, and webpage), posting content, creating automated marketing campaigns that make sense for your company, or whatever you need to reach your organizational goals. During this stage, don’t be afraid to ask questions on what terms mean and how they apply to your overarching inbound marketing strategy.





After you’re successfully onboarded, we can provide additional consulting to further optimize your marketing platform. Likewise, we can work together to build a customized inbound marketing strategy through advice on tactics like SMS marketing, blogging, email nurturing campaign ideas, and more.

Your Sales Hub Onboarding and Training

We take the time to make sure your HubSpot portal addresses your sales needs. Here’s how:



Implementing a new CRM is never a simple initiative, and meeting your sales goals means working with a partner who’ll take the time to learn your strategy and revenue goals. That’s us. Before we make any suggestions, our team will meet with yours to learn everything we need to know to customize your Sales Hub.



Consulting and recommendations




Our sales onboarding services are a consultative approach to properly training your team on the HubSpot sales enablement platform -- especially if you’re new or relatively new to the software. We’ll provide technical advice on configuring your portal (spending time to ensure you understand what everything means in HubSpot) and give actionable advice to scale your process using automation and tried and true tactics.

Set up and optimization


When we’re ready, we’ll work directly with you to fully explain the functionality of Sales Hub. We’ll make sure everything is working to your satisfaction and optimize tools and processes throughout our partnership’s duration by digging into data. That includes anything from coming up with sales documents and naming methods, detailing how a typical prospect should move through HubSpot’s stages, to how automated messaging through email sequences can save you time.







If you feel like you need additional support on how to excel at your sales strategy -- whether that’s crafting sales enablement pieces, lead scoring, or working on personalization efforts - the team at Lynton will work with you, long after your portal is set up.

Your Service Hub Onboarding and Training

We take the time to make sure your HubSpot portal addresses your customer support needs. Here’s how:





Like our other onboarding approaches, our Service Hub training starts with us understanding what you hope to achieve in your customer service or support programs. By recognizing your support goals, and ways to achieve them, you’ll promote better learning and user adoption of the platform.

Consulting and Recommendations


In the grand scheme of sales and marketing, customer support is relatively new - and it’s continuously evolving. During this stage, we’ll take the time to teach what a help desk is, how support tickets work to resolve customer issues, and how to nurture a customer to turn them into brand advocates. We’ll also set up functionality within your portal that backs these objectives.



Set Up and Optimization




Our goal with all of our training and onboarding services is to help you adopt the tools and strategies that go along with them quickly, so you start using HubSpot like a pro. During our Service Hub onboarding, we’ll go 1:1 with your team to show them exactly how everything works -- and how to optimize it so your customer success and nurturing program is unmatched.



Once you’re up and running with Service Hub, we can provide ongoing support to make the most of your purchase. Whether it’s implementing new ticket strategies or helping you write Knowledge Base articles to enhance your help center or chatbot, we’ll be there for you!




“I can truly say that our partnership with Lynton has carried our success in HubSpot use and management. I would recommend their phenomenal team to anyone wishing to boost their company's productivity and knowledge in HubSpot!”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does onboarding take?

While the time may vary depending on your unique needs, our typical onboarding is completed within three months.

How often does your team meet with ours?

Throughout onboarding, we can meet once or twice a week to focus on topics as they relate to your business and provide any additional training needed.

What topics are covering during onboarding?

This will vary depending on what platform we’re helping with, but ultimately, our goal is to make you HubSpot experts just like us. We’ll cover whatever you need to know, such as: sales processes, pipelines, deal stages, workflows, playbooks, defined triggered actions, smart content, lead nurturing, lead routing, customer nurturing, chatbots, email marketing, lifecycle stages, SEO, and more.

What industries do you serve?

We have experience serving a multitude of industries. Examples of business verticals we’ve provided services to include consumer goods, e-commerce, fitness, healthcare, finance, marketing, nonprofit, oil and gas, payroll, professional services, public service, technology, transportation, and travel.