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How to Convert Visitors on Your Medical Software Website

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Medical Websites

Confidence, credibility and trust are essential for people looking for healthcare solutions, and a poor medical website design can wipe out all three in a single glance. After your web pages load, visitors tend to form an opinion about your website’s appearance in about .05 seconds. 


The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding, and so is the use of the internet to tap into it. In the past year, 72 percent of all U.S. internet users have used search engines to find health-related information, while 77 percent of healthcare patients conduct an online search before booking an appointment. The healthcare industry is growing. Use of the internet is growing. But your competition is growing, too. You need a way to stand out from other healthcare providers, especially in a crowded online environment. Two savvy strategies at your service are SEO and SEM.

Medical Websites

The healthcare industry is consistently lagging in digital and inbound marketing, and one of the reasons may be the big fear of violating HIPAA. The Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act dictates all technology your organization uses to hold patient health information must be HIPAA-compliant, leaving you with a rather limited selection of software platforms to use at all. Or so you think. While you may not be able to store patient health information in platforms that aren’t HIPAA-compliant, you can still use them for marketing, sales and customer relationship management. That means as long as you’re careful, your healthcare organization can take full advantage of the top freemium website inbound marketing tools and resources available from inbound leader HubSpot.