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Inbound Websites

Laptop Work-3Most marketers have an intuition when it’s time to give their website a makeover. The reason could be as simple as its look being outdated or as problematic as visitors having no conversion opportunities. Though, like other marketers, you want the extra reassurance before you reach out to your CEO to ask for a budget to hire an inbound marketing agency or allow for internal resources to work on the project.

Email Marketing

lw_email-1As a marketer, I'm frequently asked about inbound marketing, social media and email tools. Naturally, I'm happy to discuss and opine on a variety of topics. When it comes to email, I'm regularly asked how I can deal with the ever increasing volume of emails. Conversely, I'm also asked about tools that can best send emails to add to that ever increasing amount of emails in your inbox. Here are three tools I use everyday. 

Inbound Marketing

lw_paid_mediaLook, I get it. There's no doubt inbound marketing works. All the content, social media posts and emails you've created will continue to pay you handsome rewards. Sometimes, though, you need a boost, a little jolt of marketing caffeine. That's when paid media comes in handy. Here are some examples of when to inject paid media into your inound efforts. 

Sales and Marketing

lw_annoying_marketing_tacticsAt LyntonWeb we approach potential prospects with a desire to understand their business goals and determine if we are the best fit for them as an inbound marketing agency. It’s important to realize that any web design, marketing or integration project is a relationship. Any good relationship starts with making sure you don’t annoy the folks you could be working with for months or years. Here are some ways you can annoy your potential customers and how to avoid them.


lw_5_pitfallsWhen it comes to increasing donations for your non-profit organization, begging, pleading and coercion are not the answers. In fact these techniques are more likely to turn potential donors away. Here are some solutions to addressing common pitfalls to avoid in online marketing for non-profits. 

Inbound Marketing Tools

lw-toolsYou know the drill. When it comes to generating more leads through inbound marketing you'll frequently find yourself reminding your executives to have patience while your strategies ramp up and take effect. If you want to speed things up a tad, however, you can try one of these five website tools. While some may not provide instantaneous leads, they can still give your site a healthy lead boost.