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lw_why_inboundDo-it-yourself projects may work for crafts and home improvement, but we wouldn't recommend DIY inbound marketing. Besides, remember that new sink you planned on installing in an hour that took all day to put in? Even if you have an internal team in place, outsourcing your inbound marketing to a reputable agency makes intelligent business sense and can free up valuable internal resources.

Inbound Marketing

data_driven_designIf you’re like most marketers trying to keep your website fresh, you might be redesigning it every 2-3 years, spending $15,000 to $80,000 to launch, and suffering through months of agony. Trying to please all your internal stakeholders, addressing the needs of your buyer personas, writing and re-writing content, approving design revisions. Becoming distracted from core activities in your marketing plan, or worse, working extra hours to keep it all on track. Crossing your fingers, hoping the new website won’t take your analytics or create more problems than it solves.

Email Marketing

spam_folderCompanies turn to text and email marketing with the overall goal of increasing sales and making money. This tactic, however, backfired big time for one restaurant in Amityville, NY, costing $28,500. After receiving a slew of reportedly unsolicited texts from the Muscle Maker Grill, one fed-up man took their marketing firm to court in a bid to stop their annoying and unwanted marketing messages.