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ebi_blogMany of our clients express the desire to show thought leadership in their industry. The first question we typically ask is if they actually are thought leaders in their industry - you just can't fake it till you make it with any kind of thought leadership. If they are indeed leaders in their industry then we recommend a variety of content to highlight that leadership. Here's how we helped one of our clients show their industry leadership on their blog. 

Surge Homes is a recognized innovator as a Houston new home builder. With much fanfare in late 2014, Surge Homes announced over 10 anticipated homesites around the Houston inner loop and surrounding areas. What makes Surge different is they ask customers what they want in a new home before breaking ground. Surge Homes gave their prospects a great voice to rate homesite locations, external renderings, floorplans, design finishes, and more. Surge used this valuable data to nurture customers with 1:1 messaging, measure what customers wanted in their homes, and prioritize homesites based on their popularity. This valuable business data not only maximizes Surge's revenues, but results in customer delight and high home values. All of Surge's custom website features were built in HubSpot and would not have been possible without the HubSpot expertise of LyntonWeb.

At LyntonWeb, we know HubSpot integration deeply. Since the early days of HubSpot's leads API in 2010, we've been exploring ways to integrate HubSpot with a variety of e-commerce, website, and CRM software. Our most common integrations are with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, and Salesforce, but we support other systems like SugarCRM, WordPress, BigCommerce, Gotowebinar, and more. 

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Laptop Work-3Most marketers have an intuition when it’s time to give their website a makeover. The reason could be as simple as its look being outdated or as problematic as visitors having no conversion opportunities. Though, like other marketers, you want the extra reassurance before you reach out to your CEO to ask for a budget to hire an inbound marketing agency or allow for internal resources to work on the project.