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SEO and the "Promise" of #1 Rankings on Google

SEO and the promise of #1 ranking on GoogleI never thought I would be writing a blog about the promise of #1 Google rankings in 2014. It's kind of like Vanilla Ice discussing his best rap techniques in 2014. One would think the past few years of regular Google algorithm updates (and the associated penalties on companies trying to cheat the system) would have educated folks.


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Inbound Marketing Highlights - Ideal Length, Starting Over & HubSpot Down Under


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday inbound marketing nation! Welcome to Sunday's Inbound Marketing Highlights with Mike and Roman. Do you have a spring in your step this Sunday? Are you ready for the Easter bunny next week? 

Our budding articles this week: 

  1. The ideal length for everything on the Internet
  2. Twitter's New Profiles: Everything You Need to Know
  3. Starting Over, Part 1: A Pre-Launch Checklist
  4. 10 Tactics You Must Use in Your Content Marketing Strategy
  5. Hubspot to open Australia office and grow ‘inbound’ marketing

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What You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Vulnerability

What You Need to Know About the Heartbleed VulnerabilityYou may have heard the term “Heartbleed” over the past few days relating to online security. If you didn’t, buckle up, it’s about to get real scary because it could affect anyone. Everyone. Even you.

What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) is a security vulnerability found in OpenSSL which is an open source library that is used by numerous developers and companies to protect your username, passwords, and other sensitive information online.

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4 Benefits of Using Shopify With Your Inbound Website

Four Benefits of Using Shopify With Your Inbound WebsiteWith online shopping increasing rapidly every year, e-commerce is all the rage. People enjoy the convenience and efficiency of shopping online, especially around Christmas. Who in their right mind wants to fight a crowd at Christmas time, right? Luckily, there are plenty of e-commerce stores and shopping carts available for online merchants. Be wary. Not all e-commerce stores are created equally.

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Sunday Inbound Marketing Highlights - Selling Content and Page Reach


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday inbound marketing nation! Welcome to Sunday's Inbound Marketing Highlights with Mike and Roman. Have you seen Captain America yet? I would highly recommended it if you are the superhero type! 

Our standout articles this week: 

  1. How to Rebrand Your Social Media Accounts
  2. The Real Cost of Modern Marketing
  3. Why you need a brand ambassador program (and 4 companies that are doing it right)
  4. How to Decide Which Content to Sell and What to Give Away for Free
  5. Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention

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What Does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do?

What an Inbound Marketing Agency DoesWhat does an inbound marketing agency do? It’s a question we get asked a lot. Do you just build websites? Do you just do online marketing? Do we need HubSpot to work with you? How can we tell the work we pay you for is having an impact? These are all very valid questions.

The best way to answer some of these questions is to share with you what we do here at LyntonWeb. Down here at the Lynton Corral, we focus on website design and development, HubSpot integration, and inbound marketing

As an inbound agency our typical mandate is helping clients develop a strategy that will increase visitors, prospects, leads and ultimately sales. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we cannot close sales. No one from an inbound marketing agency can get on the phone and be a closer for you. We can generate valid marketing and sales qualified leads that will support your sales team in closing deals.

If you’re expecting sales to increase by simply hiring an agency - you’re thinking about this stuff the wrong way. You should expect an effective and powerful lead generation strategy that includes the typical components of inbound marketing - social engagement, content generation, website optimization, and possibly paid media. If you’re expecting an inbound agency to close deals for you - you’re better off hiring a sales coach, not an agency. 

So here's what we do - broken down.


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