Agile Methodology

Lynton runs on the agile methodology across the agency, from top to bottom. Here are just a few reasons why we love agile, and we think you will too.

Collaboration and transparency

We believe a tight collaboration with our clients yields the most effective results. It's about more than transparency and frequent communication. Collaboration means the project is constantly guided by iterative feedback loops throughout the process. We collaborate on roadmaps, estimates, work in progress, and status check-ins. You have visibility during the entire journey with us.

Increased velocity, minimized waste

Cloud technology and digital marketing moves fast--really fast. We remove as much friction as possible to increase velocity in all our engagements. We've realized major efficiency gains and a lift in client satisfaction by organizing our teams into pods, planning our work into sprints, iterating our work, and checking in frequently for feedback. This prevents us from heading too far down the wrong path. 

What this means for our relationship...

We work in sprints

Our agency team works in weekly sprints. You'll receive a weekly update for what was completed the previous week and what will be completed in the current sprint.

We check in often

You'll hear from us as often as needed, but we won't waste your time if there isn't a need to meet.

We share work in progress

This only works if you're comfortable seeing incomplete work in progress. Polished deliverables require a lot of time and costs. Wouldn't you prefer to provide input along the way rather than scrap or re-do the work after it's done?

We work on a points model

Your project budget will be managed using these Points, a system that allows us to provide increased transparency and a more collaborative method of prioritizing work so that you can maximize your return on investment given the budget available for the project. Points are an agile estimation technique designed to quickly and accurately estimate the effort that will be required from our team to deliver bite-size chunks of work called Stories. We assign Points to each Story by first defining the goals and scope of the work (called the Definition of Done) and then comparing it to similar Stories we've implemented in past projects. This method enables our estimates to be realistic and achievable, reducing the potential for increased costs within the project. Your investment will determine the amount of time, resources, and effort we will dedicate to your project.