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Inbound Marketing

Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s big move, and more

A weekly briefing of noteworthy inbound marketing links that you may have missed, but can't afford not to.

Top of the news: Facebook announced a slew of new features at its annual f8 Development Conference that will allow businesses to integrate many of the site's features on their own Web sites. While the jury is still out on how users will respond, businesses can't afford not to consider how these changes could affect them.

For an easy-to-digest look at what these features can mean for you, check out "A Marketer's Guide to Facebook's New Social Plugins" from Hubspot.

Another take on how Facebook's open graph can "bring your audience to you" comes from Ian Lurie at Conversation Marketing.

Jeremiah Owyang explains the "impacts, opportunities and threats" to the social media ecosystem, as providing some big-picture insights.

For an example of Facebook's new toys in action, Stan Schroeder reports on Mashable that Levi's is already integrating Facebook social plugins into its Web site.

Don't be that guy: For small businesses, putting together an online marketing strategy can be daunting. Neil Salvage, executive vice president of advertising at Citysearch, points out "Online Marketing Mistakes by Small Businesses Owners" in this short video interview with Diddit's Kevin Lee.

Influence the influencers: According to research by Meteor Solutions, about 20 percent of a site's traffic is generated by approximately 1 percent of its audience, who share of the brand's content or site links with others. In "HOW TO: Target Social Media Influencers to Boost Traffic and Sales" on Mashable, Meteor CEO Ben Straley explains how to identify and connect with these "influencers," who can help drive an even higher share of conversion.

Speaking of influence, Valeria Maltoni uses a new report from Forrester Research on peer influence analysis as a jumping off point for some excellent insights on building influence in this post - "Want to Build Influence? Be a Meaningful Specific" - on her Conversation Agent blog.

The future of search: Not sure what to make of faceted navigation? Learn more about what authors Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender are calling "arguably the most significant search innovation of the past decade" and find out if your company's Web site would benefit from it in their guest post, "Design Patterns: Faceted Navigation," on the A List Apart blog.

By the numbers: If faceted navigation is a little too deep for you, here's a quick and easy way to drive readership: Quantify. While adding numbers to every headline can (and will) turn readers off, adding them when it makes sense (as it often does) can boost your Web traffic, according to Jonathan Brill of Prolific247, who shared "5 Reasons Readers Like Numbers in a Headline" in this guest post on Weblogbetter.

Speaking of numbers: A recent example of a headline with numbers that caught our eye comes from Hubspot: "9 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Online Marketing Partner." Of course, while the number may have encouraged us to click through, the useful information contained in the post is what kept us reading.

Have you found (or created) anything that can help others succeed? Share it with us by posting a comment and a link.