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Inbound Marketing

Weekly Roundup: Facebook is Everywhere

A weekly briefing of noteworthy inbound marketing links that you may have missed, but can't afford not to:

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook: The fallout from Facebook's grasp for world domination continues to reverberate, with ReadWriteWeb offering the "definitive guide for publishers, users and competitors," Paul Seaman offering some big-picture thoughts on his 21st Century PR Issues blog, and Augie Ray of Forrester Research explaining the ins and outs of "Facebook, Privacy & Lawmakers: What Should Marketers Do?"

Of course, not everyone's talking about Facebook - they're already joining the club. Mashable points out the explosive growth of businesses taking advantage of the new tools, which are admittedly hard to ignore in light of survey data like this. On the other hand: Being distracted by new and shiny things is human nature, but does it make sense for your overall business strategy? Here are "10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For Facebook" from Lisa Barone blogging on Small Business Trends.

Speaking of blogs: Commenting on other people's blogs is an often-overlooked way to make your own business visible to a potential audience, but it's not as simple as plopping in a link hawking your wares (that's spam, and we all hate it). So, what's the secret to a good blog comment? Hubspot explains "The Simple Math of Blog Comments," in a really useful, straightforward way that can help even the most time-strapped small business owner make the most of this social media opportunity.

Slideshow-and-tell: Content strategists are hot properties these days. Many of the leading lights of this burgeoning field got together in Paris a couple weeks ago for Content Strategy Forum 2010. If you couldn't make it - and thus weren't trapped across the pond for several bonus days thanks to that pesky volcano in Iceland - here's a link to several slideshows presented at the event. As a bonus, here's some jumping off points for thinking about content strategy from Brain Traffic's Kristina Halvorson.

Bam! Whoosh! Zowie!: Whether you grew up digging the Dark Knight or think anyone who reads comic books is just like the Comic Book Guy on "The Simpsons," you'll get some incisive marketing advice out of Chris Garrett's "10 Lessons Comic Books Can Teach Us About Blogging and Content Marketing."

Parting thought: "First impression are important in person, but life or death on the web," writes Newt Barrett in "What Do You Tell Your Web Visitors About You in their First Second on Your Site?" on Content Marketing Today.

Have you found (or created) anything that can help others succeed? Share it with us in the comments.