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Inbound Marketing

Why A Blog is Like A Marriage

successful business blogA blog is like a marriage in terms of the commitment they both require.

Here are some rules for a successful business blog that can also apply to a successful marriage. Simply substitute the word “partner” for “audience” and you’ll get my drift.

8 Ways A Good Blog is Like A Successful Marriage

Communicate: This isn’t a one-way conversation. It’s about sharing your thoughts, but also about listening – and responding – to the needs of your audience.

Fights happen: You’ll do things to tick your audience off, but you can’t just shrug it off because these things have a way of festering. You need to engage your audience, explain yourself, and reach some sort of closure, even if it’s only agreeing to disagree.

Spice it up: Don’t get into a rut. A little variety in what you offer up can go a long way toward keeping your audience satisfied.

Don’t cheat: Don’t swipe ideas from another blogger and pass them along as your own without credit. For an audience member who reads both blogs, this is like catching you in the bedroom with someone else.

Remember why you got together in the first place: As circumstances change, it’s easy to find yourself bogged down in all kinds of tangential details. Don’t lose sight of the initial spark that drew you and your audience together.

Appreciate each other: Let your audience know how much you value them by sharing an impromptu gift, or even a simple shout-out.

Till death do us part…: Starting a blog is a long-term commitment. A good blog with fresh ideas a can go on for years, but even a wobbly blog just starting out needs time to work out the kinks and build a lasting relationship with its audience. Don’t give up after a few months. You started this for a reason, and you shouldn’t walk away without giving it your best shot.

…or not: One the other hand, sometimes even the most vibrant, dynamic blogs reach a point where there’s nothing left to say. If this happens, don’t make your audience suffer through a long goodbye. Make a clean break and part ways the best of friends.

Now that you know the commitment it takes, it’s time to get hitched. You may kiss the blog.