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Inbound Marketing

SEOgadget's New Beta Keyword Research Tool

SEOgadget, a London-based SEO consulting company, has announced a beta-version keyword research tool that shows promise for SEO specialists looking for accurate information on which of their keyphrases are actually being searched for and which aren’t. The tool aims to simplify the excessively complex task of SEO keyword research by offering pretty much everything an SEO specialist needs to perform more efficient keyword research from keyword segmentation to reporting and more.

SEOgadget’s SEO keyword research tool has five main features:

  1. Integration with Google Analytics - In addition to showing you visitor information on your keywords, the tool offers suggestions of keywords not already included in your campaign.
  2. Integration with AdWords API - Along with AdWords API, the keyword tool creates accurate search volume estimates and tells you exactly what keyphrases brought visits to your site.
  3. Search engine rank checker - Rank checking ability makes sure your top keywords are performing well.
  4. Simple keyword categorization - Users may create categories based on any criteria they choose to help narrow expansive lists into smaller, more manageable groups.
  5. Easy, custom report creation - This future feature will make it simple for agencies to export data into their in-house reporting systems.

The SEOgadget keyword tool offers three pricing options for individuals as well as small and larger agencies:

  1. Level 1 - one campaign, up to 1000 keywords, 9.99 GBP / month
  2. Level 2 - multiple campaigns, up to 5000 keywords, 19.99 GBP / month
  3. Level 3 - unlimited campaigns, up to 10,000 keywords, 29.99 GBP / month

Keep in mind, keyword research is just a piece of the puzzle. If you're not looking at SEO from a greater online marketing strategy, then you're missing out on lost lead generation and sales. What tools do you use for keyword research and SEO?