2011 Logo Design Trends - How does your company's logo compare?

05/23/2011 2 min read Written by Lynton

Your logo is the ultimate brand identity for your company. It's what makes you stand out and defines who you are. With our world constantly changing and technology improving, it's important to make sure that your logo also stays current. Here are some different uses of styles that we think hold especially true today:


The use of gradients, or a subtle change in color, has been used for a few years now. This is a great way to make your logo pop off the screen and give it a more 3D look. Apple uses different grey gradients to make their icon appear almost like glass and very lifelike.


A logo that appears to be in motion (or blurred) is a new technique that might not work for all, but can create a look that stands out. This may be good to use for your icon if you are a company that works in film or animation. This icon shows how you can apply some colors around your icon to create a great blurred effect. You don't want to go too crazy with this though, or your logo may become unreadable.

Eco FriendlyEco-friendly

We're very conscious of keeping the Earth clean these days, so having a green or earthy logo is a big trend this year. Of course, this style usually only applies if your company is involved with the environment or something similar. This logo uses variations of green and brown, and the icons are simplistic leaf shapes, all of which make you think earth-friendly.

Mono LineMono-line

Simplicity doesn't always mean boring anymore. Clean and clutter-free web sites can sometimes be the right style for your company's online presence. To fit this theme, a simple logo using only lines to outline shapes or make an icon can be a great way to stay current. The icon in this font uses just one line to create the shape, and the font used for the company name matches this style as well.


Finally, having a logo that looks a bit rough around the edges or "dandruffy" may be an option for you. It gives an organic feel and makes your logo more visually appealing than just solid colors. These would be best for companies that are not involved in IT or finance, but more about the arts or nature. In this example, the "vintage" effect is used around the company's name.

Does your company have a logo with any of these styles? Are there any other trends you think work in today's online world?

Want to keep talking shop on logos? The designers here would LOVE to! Get in touch if you want to continue the discussion or have some ideas of your own.

By: Lynton

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