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Inbound Marketing

Happy Halloween from LyntonWeb!

It's October 31st, which means that the tricks are out, the treats are in the bag and - since it's a Monday - your LyntonWeb team is hard at work designing new websites, creating and optimizing content, creating custom applications and making the web a better place. 

Since it's Halloween, have you thought about what the LyntonWeb team may be dressing up as at work, or what kind of tricks they have in store? In this post, you'll meet a few of LyntonWeb's employees working hard on Halloween, including what kind of costumes and tricks they have in store.

Fredy - Front-End/Back-End Developer2011 10 31 15 16 02 748 (Medium)

Fredy is one of the developmental pillars of LyntonWeb - without him, a site might not sparkle and an application may not gleam. As you can see here, Fredy is sporting dual blank screens, which is what we mostly see whenever we're around. How does he pump out such great work, then? Nice trick, Fredy!

Mike - Production Manager2011 10 31 15 19 24 960 (Medium)

Everyone relies on Mike to answer work questions, repetitive questions, big questions, small question and life questions. As the Production Manager at LyntonWeb, Mike oversees all of the content creation, development and design that comes through our servers. On Halloween, as is most days, Mike (who is from New Jersey) can be seen sporting any and all New York Yankees attire he can get his hands on (he was saddened that his Yankees Snuggie could not be pictured here).

Jacob - Web Production Specialistjacob

Jacob is one of the youngest members of the LyntonWeb team, but has been developing websites since he was a youngster. As the resident Joomla guru who also dabbles in Sitefinity, HubSpot, WordPress and many other content management systems, Jacob is known to juggle a lot of projects at once, as his "trick" for Halloween shows here (no one knew Jacob could do this until today).

Samantha - Project Manager2011 10 31 15 21 23 248 (Medium)

If you have a new project, Samantha is one of the great project managers with LyntonWeb who will help guide your project along from start to finish. Maybe that's one of the things that's so a-"peel"-ing about her! Strangely enough, this costume is worn most days of the week (she says it's comfy).

Kyle - Project Manager2011 10 31 15 25 31 179 (Medium)

As a senior LyntonWeb employee, Kyle knows how to get things done. Always at his desk or in client meetings, Kyle is one of the project managers who oversees a project from start to finish. His costume of choice, even on Halloween, is a warm Texas Tech Snuggie. Note: LyntonWeb employees understand this is when Kyle is "deep in thought." Kyle is usually "deep in thought" a few times a day.

Nathan - Technical Project Manager2011 10 31 15 23 44 389 (Medium)

Many technical projects and applications come to LyntonWeb, including CRM integrations, e-commerce installations, CRM workflows, etc., and Nathan helps oversee all of them. As a Technical Project Manager with LyntonWeb, Nathan is usually found firmly planted at his desk helping out a client or working on a project. Nathan's costume was the best of all - especially since he wasn't available for the picture (we have to turn Nathan towards the light and water him periodically, anyway).

Cassie - Project Manager2011 10 31 15 23 00 73 (Medium)

Cassie is one of the new faces at LyntonWeb, coming all the way from Indiana to learn about Texas and why it stays hot in Houston all the way until November. Cassie is LyntonWeb's area health nut, eating unpronounceable food and hitting the gym at 5:00 in the morning. Cassie's "trick" to staying in shape is a constant workout regime - even on Halloween at work. Wall squats, anyone?

Happy Halloween!

If you want to talk to any of our fun-loving, trick-or-treating team members, drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you! Happy Halloween!