4 Reasons to Re-Consider a Website Re-Design

11/16/2011 3 min read Written by Samantha Winski

This post is not an intentional rub in my colleague, Mike Rastiello's, face for his blog post last week about reasons for a website redesign. However, it's worth a hard look at your online marketing program to evaluate the possible solutions for your business needs that don't involve a website redesign.

1. You simply need a content management system.

Ditched your webmaster, and out of luck with those few edits you desperately needed to make to the website? If your primary reason for the website redesign is to get on a platform that allows you to edit content, think again. The content management system provider of your choice or partner agency can move your existing site over without a costly and time-consuming redesign.

2. You are looking to get more search engine traffic and don't know where to start.

A great website system can help you draw in more natural search traffic and convert them into leads and customers. However, there's a lot to be said for restructuring your site within your existing template and putting the focus back on rich keyword-dense content in the form of blogs, press releases, and new pages. Investing in content is always a wise move and may help to grow the business to where a new website may be the next appropriate step.

3. The timing isn't right.

Overhauling a website means using copywriter, design, development, and exhaustive planning resources to write, design, select stock, decide on new page structure, research keywords, re-develop, etc. So, planning ahead is absolutely imperative. Do you have one of the following to consider in the coming months? If so, ask the right questions of your team to make sure this is the right time to re-design if resources are going to be pulled in several directions:

  • Implementing a new ERP or CRM system
  • Re-launching a brand (a little CSS goes a long way)
  • An office move
  • Staff changes

4. You don't know who you want to speak to.

The more you know about your audience, the easier decisions regarding a redesign will be. Unclear on who you're speaking to what and what content will appeal and drive them to convert? Perhaps you open a research project to acquire the knowledge.

Perhaps you're still eager to get started. Talk through with your team what a website redesign means and about the goals tied to the effort. It's also a great strategy so that when the project feels overwhelming, you can re-focus the team on what matters.

Need more help to determine if a website redesign is the appropriate next step for you? Contact us for a candid conversation.

By: Samantha Winski

Samantha Winski is a Senior Onboarding Consultant with Lynton, helping companies move or optimize their HubSpot instances. She writes for Lynton remotely from Pittsburgh about process management and optimization using HubSpot.

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