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Happy Thanksgiving from LyntonWeb!

describe the imageWe here at LyntonWeb have a lot to be thankful for, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, our team would like to share some of the things that we appreciate in our lives this year.

What are we thankful for?

Bryan, New Business Director
Bryan loves that he will get to spend some relaxing downtime with his kids!  What a great way to appreciate all your hard work!

Hadar, Online Marketing Specialist
Hadar is thankful for a new version of Google Analytics and the increased resources and capabilities she will be able to provide clients. Real time reporting is the gravy on top!

Rachel, Project Manager
Rachel is thankful for fulfilling work where her passion and talents line up to create success for her incredible clients. She also appreciates the amazing, talented, and hard working team that make it all possible. Right back at ya, Rachel!

Kyle, Project Manager
Kyle is thankful for having reliable people in his life. Whether they're family, friends, or great coworkers, the type of people he needs in any situation have always been there for him. Here's to hoping the trend continues!

Suzanne, Copywriter/SEO
Suzanne is thankful for her first two years of marriage, which have been loads of fun. She adds that if it's not too corny, she's also thankful to have spent the last year-and-a-half working with such a super-duper team at LyntonWeb! Aww, thanks Suzanne! We think you're great too! 

Samantha, Project Manager
Samantha expressed thanks for VPN access, so she can serve her clients from anywhere and everywhere! Love the dedication, but you are forbidden from checking your e-mail until after pumpkin pie!

Jeanne, Designer
Jeanne is forever thankful for the little things that are easily taken for granted in life, like water, food, shelter, companionship and the love of a wonderful family that is self-less and always giving.

Cassie, Project Manager
Cassie is thankful for her supportive family, amazing friends, and Texas temperatures. One does gain an appreciation for all the subtle shades of “HOT” living in Houston.

I couldn’t agree more with my coworkers and am glad they have so eloquently described some of the fortunate things in their lives. I am thankful that we live in a time of rapid and exciting change - there are many hardships but also opportunities flourish and create anew. The things that remain the same are what is really important - love, freedom, and finding happiness!

The LyntonWeb team hopes your Thanksgiving is filled with happiness and time to reflect on what YOU truly appreciate!