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Inbound Marketing

4 Holiday E-commerce Themes Doing it Right!

We’re in the middle of holiday shopping season. The best of the best e-commerce retailers have tailored their websites to visually appeal to holiday shoppers, but they're really designed for holiday conversions. Here are a few that are doing it really well this year:

target holidays1. Target.com

I can’t say enough about how great this holiday e-commerce theme is for users. Here are a couple points:

  • Addresses all areas of friction with potential customers – returns, shipping, timing, logistics
  • Headlines and content organization is based around the use cases that are so relevant for this time -- from shopping for the kids to seeing what’s on everyone’s list to making sure you have supplies for guests that are coming by
  • Colors, pictures, calls to action are festive and specific
  • Important content has primary position in the page

overstock2. Overstock.com

The holiday spirit in strong at Overstock.com. Small details and useful applications make Overstock’s holiday theme a winner this season:

  • Free Shipping offer is clearly displayed – Google reports that this offer historically performs well in this season
  • Gifts for Facebook friends leverage existing technology to provide really useful information for potential customers
  • Window shopper brings the traditional shopping experience – without the crowds – to users in a well-designed interface
  • The devil is in the details – even their featured search box is an opportunity to tell users “Happy Holidays, What would you like to save on today?”

kohls holidays3. Kohls.com

Kohls has a great seamless transition between their weekly circulars and website presence. Here are some ways they’re winning this season:

  • Deals are front and center, with great organization and featured deals
  • Kohl’s has great success with their own card, and use the card to promote additional savings
  • Tools like the gift guide and shop by price empower customers and build engagement
  • Promotion codes are holiday themed, which again is a great touch!

buy holidays4. Buy.com

Buy.com has some clever features to help customers find gifts quickly. Some other features:

  • Expanded navigation in the footer allows for an easy shopping experience and optimizes for SEO
  • Featured video content is sharable – and therefore more likely to drive new leads back to the site

What can we learn from these examples? It’s important to empower your customers and reduce the hassles that come with online shopping during these hectic weeks. Need help with shaping your holiday e-commerce experience? Contact us to set up a discussion with our implementation team.