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Inbound Marketing

Are You CRMing Your Inbound Marketing?

The good marketer in you knows that good data is valuable. The great marketer in you understands that integrated data is priceless.

Marketing automation has helped you ramp up and extend your marketing reach. Since you implemented your automation efforts at the beginning of this year, your website traffic has increased, you’ve attracted more qualified leads, and your lead nurturing campaigns are helping fill your sales funnel.

So what’s next?

Alignment of sales and marketing data, that’s what. Or, put tactically - passing your hard earned, vetted lead data to your sales teams’ CRM. Whether your CRM is Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, or Salesforce, syncing data between your marketing and sales systems will pave the way for sales and marketing integration.

In fact, having real-time web analytics in your CRM will let you know:

  • When a prospect last visited your website
  • How a prospect found your website
  • What page a prospect last converted on
  • How many times a prospect has converted

Passing your marketing software’s data to your CRM also supports smarter lead assignment. You can use lead scoring to determine whether your prospect is sales ready and assign leads to sales reps based on type of campaign, geographic location or other qualifier.

Go from good to great by CRMing your inbound marketing. We’ll help you get started.

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee