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Inbound Marketing

3 Immediate Impacts of a Fractional CMO

If you're a growing company that is rapidly professionalizing by adding employees and internal business processes, you should consider the services of a Fractional (part-time) CMO. A Fractional CMO offers deep marketing expertise and experience at a (you guessed it!) fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO. Here are some reasons to consider bringing on a part-time CMO.

Immediate Organizational and Strategic Impact - A Fractional CMO will smooth reporting structures and will close the leadership gap that likely exists between the Founder/CEO and the sales team. In a growing company, marketing activities are taking place but they are probably scattered and not well coordinated. A CMO can quickly develop a strategic plan and assign and organize available resources around needed activities.

Data Driven Decision Making and Budgeting - if you are looking to invest in marketing automation software or determine how to allocate or spend your marketing budget, a Fractional CMO will be able to offer you data driven recommendations based on your targeted market. A seasoned CMO will also be able to quickly install effective tactics that have served her well on previous CMO engagements.

Synchronicity - A CMO also realizes marketing data is only valuable if it is made actionable. If marketing data is accumulated in a vacuum does it really matter? Measure your fractional CMO both by the amount of sales-qualified leads they are able to produce and by how quickly they can get those leads to the sales team.

A Fractional CMO can help both smooth and accelerate organizational growth and i's an option that small to medium sized business can benefit from.


Photo: Leo Reynolds