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Inbound Marketing

3 Powerful Content Development Accelerators

With the rise of real content, it's becoming imperative to produce regular, valuable content not only to establish your expertise in a specific industry or field, but also to drive traffic and leads to your website. Whether you are considering outsourcing your content, ramping up your internal content creation efforts, or doing a little of both, here are 3 content development accelerators to consider:

  1. Zerys - If you're looking for quality content at affordable price points, Zerys is a good place to find both. Offering a content development project management tool and a content marketplace that aims to deliver the best content at the best price, Zerys offers a powerful way to augment your content creation efforts if you have limited in-house staff.
  2. Dragon Naturally Speaking - Are you more of talker than a typer? Dragon allows you to dictate blog posts, emails and even instant messages. If you want to write like you talk, give Dragon a try. It's a straightforward install and comes with a headset you connect to your desktop or laptop. 
  3. Google Drive and Google Docs - Google offers a powerful collaborative solution with a downloadable virtual drive and the ability to share and jointly work on a variety of document types. We use Google Docs and Drive internally at LyntonWeb find it incredibly efficient to instantly share a document or spreadsheet with 5, 10 or 20 people without have to email it to them. Before you share, you can determine the permission levels. You can only let users view a document or you can let them view and edit a document.

What other accelerators have you found effective? Which accelerators don't pass muster? We'd be interested in getting your thoughts.

photo: Express Monorail