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Inbound Marketing

The Content Marketing Genius of Beck

We discuss content marketing and inbound marketing a lot here at the LW corral. And musician Beck Hansen's latest foray into the content marketing world really made us stand up and take notice.

Beck, who is a difficult to pigeon-hole, alt-folk-catchy-pop-hook singer, probably wouldn't call it content marketing though.

What exactly did Beck do? He announced the release of a new album (i.e. new content) available this December.

So what, you're probably asking.

Beck's album will be released only as sheet music.

Pure. Genius.

What an incredible way to expand the reach of your content, to create content that is yours yet make it open to interpretation, and to have others reuse your content. 

What will Beck's new album sound like? What can we expect from a Beck concert that includes from his upcoming album? Will a hit song from Beck's new album be performed by a 12 year-old guitarist on YouTube or by the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

What if...

...your company released content widgets that others could build on and integrate into their own content. What would that content look like? Would it be data, case studies, benchmarks, lessons learned?

How many more places or ways can your organization's valuable content be extended to or integrated with? 

What if Warner Bros. released only the script to it's next blockbuster movie and a production budget no filmmaker could exceed? What if John Grisham only released the chapter titles and plot to an upcoming book and crowdsourced the writing? How much more powerful would that make the core content?

What ways can other influencers build upon your content while still crediting your efforts? And how much more influential will that make your content?