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Inbound Marketing

The Friday 5: Five Headlines about Responsive Design, Search Engines, and Twitter

LyntonWeb Friday 5


It's the first Friday of September, the kids are back at school, football has started, baseball seems to never end, we can't wear white anymore and the DNC/RNC's are over. We know you've had a busy week, so that's why you need this week's eddition of The Friday 5: Five Headlines from Social Media, Inbound Marketing, SEO, and Web Design. What you'll find in this week's list...

  1. LinkedIn Introduces a New Look for Company Pages
  2. Use Responsive Web Design for Improved Indexing
  3. Twitter Unveils Interactive Timeline Embedding for Any Website
  4. How the Word "Free" Affects Email Deliverability & Click-Through Rates
  5. Bing Takes On Google
bing it on main 300x203
1. Introducing a New Look for Company Pages (LinkedIn Blog) - LinkedIn has been revamping design and features across the platform all year long. First the personal pages, and now it's time for the company pages. Larger and more prominent pictures, targeted status updates, and more prominent navigation for company products and services are just a few of the updates.
2. How to use Google AdSense Ads on Responsive Websites (Digital Inspiration) - Using responsive web design techniques helps your website look good on any platform or screen. If using responsive web design, be sure to work within JavaScript to make your Google Adsense Ads responsive as well.
3. Twitter unveils interactive timeline embedding for any website (Venture Beat) - Twitter users now have the ability to embed interactive timelines on any website. Rather than the standard static feed, this will ad interactivity the same way you do from twitter.com
4. Does the Word 'Free' Affect Email Deliverability & Click-Through Rates? [A/B Test] (HubSpot) - A recent study by HubSpot tested the use of the word 'free' in email subject headlines and the deliverabiltiy and click-through rates of an email with and without 'free.' The results? The word 'free' on its own will not hurt your emails' deliverability, however it may not be the most effective term for your audience either.
5. Search Engine Smackdown: Bing Invites You to Bing It On! (Marketing Pilgrim) - Google search engine competitor, Bing.com, invites you to a blind search engine study where Bing will pull results for your search term on both Bing and Google. Bing claims they win 2:1.
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