Content Marketing Creation - 3 Surefire Ways To Crack Writer's Block

09/13/2012 2 min read Written by Lynton

Just like a cold - all of us at some point in our content marketing careers have been afflicted with the dreaded "writer's block." And like the common cold, there are as many remedies as there are viruses that cause colds. As your humble LyntonWeb scribes we offer 3 surefire suggestions to crack writer's block:

  1. Cut the Grass - simple and pure, the droning of an electric motor with a blade underneath it mere inches from your toes will methodically help writer's block cobwebs be shu shued from your cringing brain. Maybe it's the walking back and forth in mostly straight lines, or the notion of a very thoughtless activity or maybe it's the benefit of seeing shorter grass that helps stir the creative beast.
  2. Accelerate It - use content accelerators to team on posts or documents. A colleague of mine and I wrote a press release together using Google Docs. I could see what paragraph he was working on and what ideas he was writing about and was able to key off his ideas while working on my own section of the document.
  3. Schedule It - If you (and the rest of your team) know that it's your job to write that blog post on Friday - that collegial/peer pressure can go a long way towards eliminating real or imagined writer's block. No one wants a "you were supposed to do that" email from a manager.

Simple, humble, yet hopefully effective for you and your team. Any other tricks that have worked well for you?



By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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