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Inbound Marketing

You Might NOT Be An Inbound Marketer If...

Well, Jiminy Cricket - thank you all so much for your energy and responses to our You Might Be An Inbound Marketer If... post. It's certainly important that we have a sense of ourselves as inbound marketers. But what if you're new to the inbound marketing genre or perhaps, as a marketer, you might be undergoing a bit of an identity crisis? Sure, we understand that. To that end, we thought we would put together some guidelines that will tell you that, no, you're definitely not an inbound marketer. Why? Well, because we care and we want to help you sort these sorts of things out. So, here we go - the 10 reasons you know you're NOT an inbound marketer (in reverse order) are:

10. Your idea of search is paging through your phone book.

9. You think an app is something you get as part of an Applebee's 2 for $20 entree special.

8. The only handle you have ever had was for your CB, not Twitter.

7. You think that CMS is an incurable yet mostly benign medical condition.

6. You're pretty sure that lead nurturing is something farmers do with baby chickens.

5. Your business doesn't have a website - well, because how much longer is this Internet thing going to be around - really.

4. You're willing to bet that that Call To Action is the national anthem for a small, European country you've never heard of.

3. Spotify is something you use to clean unsightly couch stains with.

2. You're certain the best way to build your brand and engage with your fans is through highway billboards.

And the Number 1 reason you might NOT be an inbound marketing is ...

1. You believe the best use of your ad budget is for a single, yearly Super Bowl ad - and nothing else.