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Inbound Marketing

Are You Embedding Inbound Marketing in Your Outbound Efforts?

Let's face it fellow Inbounders, interruption based, outbound marketing is not going away. As much as we highlight the effectiveness and value of inbound marketing, we understand that it will take time for organizations to shift large portions of their budgets from outbound to inbound marketing. And that's OK. I mean, can't we all just get along? Or more specifically, why not embed inbound techniques into existing outbound campaigns? Here's how:

  • Television - If your mid-sized business is running a regional TV ad, hopefully your website address is displayed somewhere on that ad (please tell me it is). Ok, good. Why not go a step further and use marketing automation software to create a landing page with an offer that is shown throughout your TV spot? Think www.yourwebsitename.com/offer or www.yourwebsitename.com/valueproposition. Your TV ad can be a useful lead capture tool when combined with your online landing page. Need help crafting a video for TV? Call us - just remember to be inbound friendly with us!
  • Radio - People still listen to radio. Terrestrial radio use has remained steady over the last decade and online radio listening through services like Slacker, Spotify, and Pandora is increasing rapidly. If you are are running radio ads currently, you should at least state your website address - your prospects maybe listening to you through their iHeart Radio app on their iPhone or Android device. Your next step - use HubSpot to create a radio specific landing page for lead capture. 
  • Telephone - people still call one another (I think). Well, I know salespeople still call people. Actually no, salespeople call voicemail. But that's OK. In fact, consider the phone your secret lead nurturing weapon. Are you targeting a high-value prospect or company? Build out a landing page for them - www.yourwebsitename.com/targetcompany. Offer them something you offer no one else - and ask your prospect to share that landing page with her boss and everyone in her department - but not outside of the organization. Make them feel special by offering unique content only to them.

Whether you're an agency or a CMO don't leave any opportunity on the table when it comes to capturing leads; You're doing your company or your client a disservice.


Photo: loop_oh