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Inbound Marketing

LyntonWeb Weekly Inbound Digest 10.14.2012

Welcome to the LyntonWeb Weekly Inbound Digest - the fastest way to stay up to date with our latest thinking on a wide range of inbound marketing topics. Our perspectives on inbound marketing and technology this week:

Are You Embedding Inbound Marketing in Your Outbound Efforts?

Interruption based, outbound marketing is not going away. As much as we highlight the effectiveness and value of inbound marketing, we understand that it will take time for organizations to shift large portions of their budgets from outbound to inbound marketing. And that's OK. I mean, can't we all just get along? More specifically, why not embed inbound techniques into existing outbound campaigns? Find out how.

Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It takes time, dedication, and resources, but a properly implemented inbound marketing strategy with CRM integration pays off. Businesses report lower operating costs, higher lead generation rates at a lower cost per lead, and improved close rates with email automation. See our game plan on how to effectively shift to inbound marketing using HubSpot integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Winning the Debate over Social Media Marketing Automation

To automate or to not automate, that is the question. Which side is right? Well… both. The problem, though, isn’t so much about a right or wrong side of the debate as it is a right and wrong way of doing things. If you’re using social media automation incorrectly, then push away from your desk and shoot yourself in the foot. If, however, your automated efforts are aimed at using metrics to create more valuable content, gathering data to better connect with current and potential leads, and publishing content in sync with your readership, then consider yourself a winner. See what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.

From our Friday Five, feed your inbound marketing brain and learn about the real secret of gaining Twitter followers, Facebook's new 'Want' button, and see if Myspace is still for losers.

Make it a great week fellow Inbounders! Send out that email blast you've been putting off or build out the lead nurturing campaign you've been considering. Marketing is an experiment and you need to cooking up something in your lab every single day.