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Inbound Marketing

3 Things You Should NEVER Do on LinkedIn

LinkedInAs LinkedIn continues to impress both from a revenue and product perspective, I thought this might be a good opportunity to offer up a few simple reminders on (suggested) LinkedIn etiquette. Rules to Link by if you will...

  • NEVER Log-out  - let me clarify. Never log-out when you are researching someone - in preparation for an interview or a client call or even in identifying a person you might be seeking to contact. Let them know you are looking, that you are interested, that you are paying attention and ultimately, that you care - about the position, about the deal or about the upcoming call. Log out, naturally, for security purposes if you're using a public computer or if you're looking to (for lack a better term) stalk someone. And if you are LinkedIn "stalking" someone, ask yourself why. It's business - not Facebook. Be transparent. It's about getting work done.
  • Never Connect Generically - "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn." Well, duh. If you can't take the 2 or 3 seconds to remove this default text and craft even a one sentence personalized message, what future effort will you put into our LinkedIn "relationship" or any subsequent business relationship?
  • Never Write a Recommendation - in exchange for a recommendation. Write a recommendation on the merits of the person and the working partnership you had with them. Describe how someone was extraordinary rather than perfunctory. And never expect a recommendation in return.

Simple rules to Link by, right? How about you? Any useful LinkedIn advice?

Image: Fire At Will [Photography]